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expectancy vs expectancy

I was going to post some things about aging, wisdom [oxford comma] and lifespan.   About how, at age 27 (rounded up, please read preceding post), I’ve actually somewhat of an old man…at least late middle-aged…compared to people throughout history.  Up until the early 20th century, life expectancy was pretty low [], 31 years at birth.  My pea-brain understood that (as most do) that the average person only lived 31 years.  Therefore, at 27, I must actually be relatively well traveled, brilliant, and wise.  I mean, I’m no genius…I was when I was 15, and my parents were the dumbest people I’ve ever met.  Probably through my fantastic influence, they’ve managed to appear smarter and smarter as I get older.  No coincidence, I’m sure.

Anyway, that plan was a flop.  Turns out if you think about it, average life expectancy from birth isn’t what matters in this situation.  No, back in the day, there was a lot of dead babies bringing down the average.  If you have one child that dies as a 2 year old, and one person living to the ripe old age of 48, you have an average life expectancy at birth of 25.

This site shows A BETTER WAY.  If someone lives to be 20 years old (basically, surviving childbirth or being strangled by their parents during their teen years), they’re going to live to be more like 60 years old, going back to 1850-ish.   At birth, the numbers are low because of so much early death…but if you survive the tough early years, you will on average live much longer.

By these stunning new metrics, I’ve realized I’m still dumb, though now at least I know to ignore dead babies and only care about statistics of people who live to be 20.

Whether you are a man or baby, you can still contribute to society.  Since wisdom isn’t exactly an easy thing to chart, there is no data publicly available letting me know how I rank in such things.  I do not know if the Dunning-Kruger [] applies on these topics, but it probably does.  At some point, we might get old enough to trust in our own wisdom, and watch our actual wisdom collapse under the weight of ego.

Why I lie about my age

Or, why people think I do.  Many other people do as well, probably because they intuit what I overthink.

Is someone 15, going on 16, or are they just 15?  It can get annoying (and creepy…why am I talking about 15 year olds?), and I’ve heard plenty of people complain about people talking that way.

I say I’m 27, though I’m really 26.  The day of birth is somewhat arbitrary as a day of celebration in my opinion, but I understand and accept it is helpful to establish a base from which to determine age.  Is age truly relevant?  Probably not, but we like to accept it as important.  We need SOME standard of judging people by, and it’s too complex to judge on merit and ability, so why not age?

Anyway, 6 months after your birthday, any given individual nudges the line from closer-to-last-birthday to closer-to-next-birthday.  So, just round to the nearest birthday.  This way, you remain within 6 months error of what people are asking.  If we do it the traditional way, then one day before your birthday, there are 364 days error in your communications.

Now go and lie more about your age.



wouldn’t it be interesting if I wrote an interesting, informative, and downright genius post about why we should be wary of efficiency, and why inefficiency may be a better choice in many circumstances?


ok, bye.

one more day

its all over

Dont be scared.

In case you didn’t hear, the Rapture will be happening 5-21-2011 at 6 PM.  Or, for our friends across the pond, on 21-5-2011, at 6 PM.  Somehow, it’s supposed to happen at 6 PM in every time zone.  It makes sense…I’m sure God won’t want the pearly gates to get jammed up with too much traffic.

The prediction by Harold Camping seems to be spot on, based on biblical numerology.  Unfamiliar?  Here’s an excerpt from his Wikipedia article so you can see it means serious bidness.

Additionally, multiplying using the same math he uses returns an approximation of the stated results. If you use his date of April 1st, AD 33 to return 1978 years and multiply by 365.2425 you get 722,449.66. If you multiply by 265.2422 you get 722449.07. If you multiply by 265.24219 you returns 722449.05. Then if you account for leap seconds each year is slightly longer than the previous. Since 1972 to 2011 the earth rotates 24 seconds slower. This is a difference of .000276 of a year over 39 years meaning the length of each year is not consistent over 1978 years. In 1972 the resulting number would have been 1939 * 365.24246, or 708205.12. To return a result of 722500 in 2011 the length of the year would need to be 0.02575 of a day longer, or 37.06667 minutes longer than it really is.

There it is folks.  The end is nigh.

Please ignore the fact he also predicted the same thing occurring in September, 1994.  I’d suggest purchasing the book via Amazon to confirm we’re some 17 years late.

I think it’s just a power play by the Christians who decided that they want the world to end, just to prove the Mayans wrong.

edit: BREAKING NEWS.  Here [] is an explanation of why it’s 6 PM local time, everywhere.

how to market stuff

Not like that.

We [the people] like to make things funny ourselves. We say mtn.  You’re supposed to say Mountain.  Don’t dumb things down. We’ll do that ourselves.

It’s not funny for a corporation to rickroll me.  Frankly, I just don’t like being marketed to. The only effective marketing that earns my respect is a clear and plain presentation of facts, which allows me to draw my own conclusions about the superiority of your product.

I could care less that the “DROID does”.   I do care about it’s OS, CPU, GPU, 3G/Wifi, and screen resolution.

Please note, in spite of this post, I’m in favor of mountain dew becoming the official drink of being alive.

proud to be an american

where we can have one for every size we need


missed plans

i had planned on blogging about:

-the new rats i saved

-my work situation (in abstract terms; you ain’t using my online words against me)

-my life/love situation

-thoughts on marketing/advertising

-thoughts on ‘just living’ vs fully examining situations, and if you can TOO FULLY examine a situation


-some people that i non-romantically love

but i didn’t write about ANY of those things!


This is my second blog post today.

just so you know…

I’m still alive. My blogging life is in tatters. I know a bit of CSS now, so I could customize this place and make it pretty.  I could update every day with the fascinating aspects of my life.  The fact that I don’t should probably be taken as a deep insult to you, dear reader.

hidden beauties

I know this is a drastic oversimplification.  Please don’t take it the wrong way.  Just see it for the interesting, inherent beauty.


Simple and beautiful.  crap=parc, feces=secef…you see what I mean?  Enjoy it for what it is.

I spend too much time considering old vs. young. I’ve already resigned myself to becoming judgemental and set in my ways.  My father was wild back in his day, then he got respectable, married, got kids and job, etc etc. I’m not saying this is a bad thing by any means; simply that it’s a natural part of life’s process.  The old generation holds to what is established and valuable, while the young explore, throw off the oppression, and walk all over everyone’s lawn.


I’ve never really understood the concept, anyway.  It’s a lawn, made for walking on.  Deeply seated beliefs on the value of personal property are hard to understand.  That’s not entirely true; I’ve very protective of my computers…but that’s what I DO.  Many people seem greatly attached to all sorts of meaningless items; I’d prefer to be moderately attached to select important items and let those kids traipse wherever they want.

My Good and Evil pages will be updated randomly and without warning, if you were of a mindset to follow what’s really important.  Don’t expect to understand everything (or even anything) that I write there. Some of them are deeply personal.

I’ve been wicked tired lately.  No idea why.  I thought it was mostly related to how I hadn’t gotten enough sleep in two weeks, but I decided to ignore that.  Theoretically I like to get into work early and leave early, but I can’t seem to manage to get myself out of bed.  Melatonin [wiki] is my drug of choice in these situations.  I prefer nothing, but it does what I need to without noticeable side effects.  Well, none that I can admit to in mixed internet company.

I recently purchased/am now in possesion of a new mountain bike and a new camera.  I hope to combine the powers of these two and make beautiful things.  Like rippling calf muscles…or pictures of rippling calf muscles…maybe I can send them back and just google for images.


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