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I’d like to direct you to this place.  Keeping clicking to read older and older posts, and have more and more fun.

It’s my old blagging stomping grounds.  It’s full of uh maze ing nuggets all about me.  I can only blag with that sort of brilliance once in awhile, I vow here and now to again become a blagger par excellunce.  And include more pictures.  Starting next post.  Or the one after that.


i think the real answer is: i need a vacation.  but vacations really don’t help; the instant you’re back at work, the stress level is back at its typical work level.  i don’t much care for it.

the idealist in me is truly slaughtered by the whole work-stress problem.  there’s really no need for it.  no one WANTS to be stressed at work; everyone would rather be happy and work and play and balance.  but, the work culture has taught us a different paradigm, and by the time you’re in a position to change that thinking, you’ve usually become completely enveloped in it.  this is just a generalization.

the manager doesn’t want to make the employee miserable (usually); they merely respond to pressure from middle management, who responds to pressure from upper management.  ps, who needs all these artificial levels of management?  bureaucracy does, and thats the corporate life we live…

keep it small. keep it simple. bigger is not better.  technology is a fascinating celebration of the gifts given to us from on high and man’s ability to delve into and comprehend the universe gifted to us.

but these are all fringe.  i gots to keep on enlarging my sphere of love, my sphere of understanding, and the sphere of caring about those around me.  its ALWAYS the people around you who bring out the vibrancy and joy in life.

however, i’m long overdue for some alone time and gaming.

i am also in love.  i don’t much talk about personal things here.  i don’t believe in advertising my personal life.  but i miss talking about my personal life in a coffee shop with those people.

I find this video to be deeply moving, in the make my eyes watery sort of way.

People are exactly the same, no matter where they are from.

This shows the average JOESIXPACK, or JOESAKEDRINKER, or JOESTARVINGTODEATHINAFRICA.  People aren’t inherently out to get each other.  A few powerful people, with money and motivation to get more money and power, are enough to throw the world into a tizzy.  But really, I think we all want to be able to be silly, enjoy life, and have the funds to travel to different countries and do a silly dance with people.

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