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Month: June 2005

In the magical state of Ohio. Ewww.  I mean, hooray. My imaginary
girlfriend still has to work even when I’m here visiting.  Then
we’re going to the supahmarket to get super cool food.  Neither of
us cooks, so it’s peanut butter and jelly.

We went up to the ‘ville Sunday night to visit some people.  It’s deathly quiet compared to normal. 

Felicia had a brilliant observation.  As we were walking hand in
hand around Cedar-Lake (ahhhhh nooooo), we passed by the recently
erected monuments to Cedar-Art.  You know, those things they put
up by the clock in front of the SSC…it goes through the days of
creation.  The art for the 6th day has a picture of God’s lips
breathing onto Adam and Eve’s faces.  Good work Cedarville on an
attempt to bring some art in, but FeFe informed me that, maybe that’s
not exactly how it happened.  I checked just to be sure, because
I’m not familiar with such things, and Eve was made a little bit later,
from Adam’s rib, not poof breath of God into both of them and bam
people are made.

Ah well.  No pictures make me sad.

But the new Xanga option of selecting what game you’re currently playing is schweet.

Michael shall be absent from his computer until around July 6th. 
What can draw him away from his beloved girlfriend, Rebekah, his

Well, a little bit of this…

(The one on the left kills baby cows for fun and profit.  Mostly fun.)

And a rather large amount of this…(this isn’t a fat joke)

That girl is…well.  I suppose the short version is,  I might have to break up with my computer.

I’ll be at her house for four days undergoing fatherly interrogation
before me and his daughter head out to creation with the
Knipples.  I’d post a picture of some Knipples but I don’t think
I’m allowed to do that.

If you live in the Cincy area and want to see what I look like when I’m
wickedly fallen for a beautiful girl named Felicia, you can call my cell phone.

In other news, the job at Apple is COMPLETELY gotten now.  They
have my named signed in blood, and I’ll start work when I get back.

Somebody set up us the bomb.

What then, shall we ask of the men?

Is it not true that, difficult as it may be to ask a girl to accompany
you on a pleasant expedition to some inconsequential destination, the
difficulty is multiplied hundredfold upon having to make the same
request of the father on her behalf?

And what then, of the women shall we ask?

Um….wasn’t I cute when I was little?  This is my favorite picture.

Maybe if you ask nice, I’ll show you pictures of me and the moil!

From the Student Handbook:

I like killing things.  In games.

In other news about rules that people don’t consistently break, I have
the job with Apple.  They’re taking their merry time;  every
time they said they’d contact me has been a lie.  I always end up
calling or emailing them.  It’s slightly irritating and makes for
nerve-wracking times, but if you think about it…what do they really
care?   It’s important to me, but not so much to them.

This is my sister, going to prom. She’s such a big girl
now….*tear*.  And by big, I mean, taller than 4’9″ but shorter
than 4′”11.

I’ve just been an updating FIEND lately, eh???

I’m pretty excited, I’m published!!!

Mine is the “An switch ad spoof for Apple’s move to Intel”.

They botched the grammar.  Arrgggh.  But MacBytes is a well
known Mac news thing, so I’m excited that it’s out there for the world
to see.  Here’s a direct link,
oh dear friends.  Be warned, it’s a bit tech-heavy, and you have
to be a geek to understand some of it, and be up on the latest
Intel/Apple news to follow the rest.  Either way, I am well

In other news, so, um, I met this girl…

Nevermind…I’m not in Connecticut.

Is anyone going to Creation?  Want an extra (extremely good
looking) boy and girl to join you?  Let me know…kinda people
shopping.  w00t.

Eh last minute announcement.   Apparently I’m going to be in
Connecticut tomorrow from 7:30am til noon.  Do any of you live
there?  Know anyone who lives there?  Have an idea of how to
kill a few hours there?  Let me know.

Here are some songs written by various Palmer boys.

This is rap composed by B. S. H. Himsel.

ghetto cruisers
…BEEP… nite
ghetto cruisers
to funk dawgs house
ghetto cruisers
what what
ghetto crusiers
welcome to my hood

they get my homies every time, cap my homies every time, i’m about to bust a cap.

This is a generic emo song, artistically constructed by M. (K.) D. Hand.

broke up with my girlfriend
in the middle of the nite
broke up with my girlfriend
i still have stuff at her house
broke up with my girlfriend
:: some indecipherable screaming ::
welcome to my misery
i hate my ex-girlfriend.

Both are excellent examples of the genre.

Please feel free to submit your own work in the comments.  I’m
creating a compilation.  The work must explicitly display common
themes in the genre.  Creativity and innovation are frowned
upon.  Submissions by those in the 30 and over category will be
published on a separate album.

I felt a great disturbance in the network…as if millions of mac geeks
suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.


I wish this was a lie.

Just a few brief, important updates.

– The Apple store called. Second interview Tuesday.  Should be great.

– I didn’t get to bed last night.  I think I got some bad
hamburger meat at the diner.  I was in the bathroom all
night.  I don’t really want to talk about it.

– I wanted a little excitement tonight, so I decide to mix it up a
little.  Instead of brushing, flossing, then mouthwashing,  I
mouthwashed, flossed, then brushed.  It was everything I dreamed
it would be.

– Something to think about, in a metaphysical way:

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