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Month: July 2005

I go through extended periods of time when I don’t care much for Xanga at all.

I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about feet.

I’m a big fan of feet.  I always have been.  People would
look through the pictures on my computer and say, “Ew, why are there so
many pictures of feet?”  To which I replied, “I don’t feel the
need to explain my art to you.”

I don’t really have any art, I just like feet.  Does that make me weird?

Look at this picture.

How does it make you feel?

Sappy first, thoughtful later.

Got back from PA/OH for 10 days, finally back in Jersey.  I had an
excellent time being with my not imaginary girlfriend Felicia, being
with her pretty much every waking hour, except when I’m too lazy to get
up and she steals my wallet and buys a sweatshirt with the money in
it.  Not a lie.  I had a great time at Creation, the
christian music festival, in spite of the event itself.  It was
fully of flagrant biblical inaccuracies in things.  However, it
had a buttload of energy…100,000 people with their hands lifted,
jumping up and down, shouting, dancing, things you don’t see at
Cedarville.  There’s the “spirit” and passion thats
needed…Cedarville seems to just retain the “truth”.  Oh wait,
I’m still in the ‘sappy’ part, almost got off track.

This is Booger. Felicia likes catching frogs.  Even though this is
a toad.  We spent some time chasing after them. We have l337 frog
catching skills.

This is us.  Aww. How cute, etc etc.  Mostly I’m really hott,
but mostly she is.  Neither of us are particular sappy people
(Neither of us is a particularly sappy person?  Laura?), so you
can invent sappy things for me to say that I won’t be able to think of
on my own.

In other news, I saw this bumper sticker on the way home:

I really started thinking about it.  Perhaps many people yell at
me for this, but I won’t say I’m a huge Bush fan.  Not that I hate
him…but you get the idea.  Lots of people really feel what this
bumper sticker addresses.  Let’s face it…there were no weapons
of mass destruction in Iraq.  So that was a “failure”.  But,
they say look at the liberation of the people.  They were so
oppressed.  w00t!! Sweet action, there’s a lot less
opression.  Good times.  Still makes America the world’s
police, whether or not somewhere wants to be policed.  (I’m not
saying thats a bad thing; it just is).  Alright, so we’ll say
thats a good thing, and we’re pretty altruistic.  Because I really
don’t think we were in it for the oil, altruism is an ok alternative,
and not to many Republicans would argue…right?  Into my head
popped another thought.  We’re sending troops into military action
for atruistic purposes, for the good of the world and America, right?

Pop quiz: If we’re so out for the good of people, how come America is
the #1 consumer of sweatshop-produced goods?  Why do we send
troops to die (which is necessary, I’m not saying its the worst thing
ever) but let people live on a few pennies a day being oppressed by
capitlism in its current form?  I suppose its ok for people to be
oppressed by capitlism, but not dictatorship.

Why doesn’t America shut down its sweatshop using companies?  Or
if the people are so gung-ho about quality of life for Iraqis, why not
for all the other countries where people are abused for…YOUR
pleasure?  Who make YOUR clothes and your toys.

You’re a part of that.  Nike, Disney, Wal-Mart, Kohls.  All
use sweatshops.  Do you think, or care, about what you buy? 
Because there’s plenty of “clean” companies that make capitlism a much
happier place.

Think about it.

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