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Month: August 2005

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Really, can’t we all just type nicely?  My eyes are burning from the colors tonight….tear.

In other news, Palmer Ho! has found some motivation to go have a dinner
or other assorted nonconfrontational dating event with one of our sister

Really, most of us are just suckers for girls wearing pink.  So be it!

I fear for my life.  I hear sirens and I turn around, to see if
they’ve found me.  I have commited crime.  Guilt lies heavily
on my soul.

Yes; you’ve now seen it with your own eyes.  Really, I don’t know
why there’s need to spend several hundred dollars on books. 
There’s this sweet action new sort that came out; check out the top and
you’ll see it flagrantly, blatantly, and gratuitously said.

There you have it.  Buy the Low Priceâ„¢ edition and save!
Seriously.  $130 for a book?  Naw.  $28 shipped. 
From eBay, w00t. 

Please allow two to eight weeks for shipping from Hong Kong or India.

This is not really how I feel; I just wrote it at the time. At least, I don’t feel that vehement about it.

I’m back at the ‘ville alright, and it certainly didn’t take to long to
get extremely peeved by the rules.  A summer at home, where I’m
allowed to be mature and make discernment calls on my own…pretty
much, live a normal life of christian freedom. 

Then, back to the ‘ville and the Hill!  Which, by the way, is
dead.  No spirit left here; feel free to drop by whenever you want
ladies, there will be no chanting.  I’m taking some time to come
to grips with it, just something I have to do every year when I get
back.  Sacrifices must be made to stay sane.  Pretty much,
shutting my brain off, except my own theological research, bonding and
spiritual growth with the Palmer boys, and studying engineering. 
Alas, and such, so forth.  And not having any more of this. 
Beds lead to making babies.  As does holding hands. 

Enjoy having your discernment done for you; soon, you, child, shall grow up and make decisions on your own.

So I read (present tense) the couples’ away messages, and it’s always
“such and such is the BEST BF/GF ever!!”  And I sit, and I
ponder.  And then I laugh, cause I know, I’m terrible at being a
boyfriend.  Which explains why…

….the rumors of me having a girlfriend were true; the rumors of me no
longer having a girlfriend are also true.  Really, no need for
pity messages or sad thoughts…I think in one way or another, we both
(me and Felicia) both agree and know its by far the healthiest thing at
this point.  So it’s not particularly negative, and will be highly
positive.  There’s as little drama as possible…we’re friends,
and we think each other are super awesome.  All other things
considered though, I’m a horrible boyfriend, which Felicia probably
will agree with.  I’m mean, I’m insanely good looking and I
usually have my head on straight, but my brain is just, nutso. 
So, for my next point….

…which is to to clarify: I am not afraid of commitment.  It
seems this is what girls like to accuse boys who break up with
girlfriends of.  Really, I’m a big fan of commitment; but all in
things in their proper time and place, in healthy manners. 
w00t.  It just seemed like an appropriate w00t time.

Really, this has been to stem the questions I’ve been getting and
confirm what needs to be confirmed and deny what needs to be denied.

Now, some of you may need a laugh at the end of the summer.  Here ya go!!

Yup!! That’s a picture of a male nurse.  Hahaha!

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