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Month: September 2005

Heh.  I’ve been shot down by girls more this year then freshman and sophomore years combined.

In other news, the real reason for global warming has been discovered.

For those of you who have trouble reading that graph….heh. 
Communications majors.  Silly kids.  Coming soon: more girls
who are not dating me and important statistics on the real
issues.  Also, please send me relevant pirate pictures.  I
seem to be sadly lacking.

Who was I kidding?  After a few hours I was beat.  I hadn’t
slept at all this week.  I can’t handle this during school. 
But eventually I’m going to try.  Silly things like studying for
exams and homework, and just plain exhaustion….these get in the
way.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’m going to be gaming nonstop for 24 hours, starting midnight tonight (Friday) and ending Saturday at midnight.

I’ve decided to undertake a great task to benefit mankind.  All
the time, we see those “Get blah blah free if you shoot Santa with an
iPod shuffle with a free DVD player with built-in nanotechnological
database computer wire chapstick”.   We’re not dumb, so we
ignore them.  I bet at the top of this Xanga, there’s probably one
of those.  I don’t want you to be an idiot; they don’t work. 
I’ll be the idiot. 

If you see a “free” site somewhere that you don’t want to sign up for,
but you’d be interested in, let me know.  I’ll try it first, even
if I have to enter credit card information.  So far I can tell you
that any site run by FreePay, formerly known as Gratis, is legit. 
That doesn’t make it easy.  But it does work, and you will recieve
your free…iPod, flatscreen monitor, or even designer handbag. will get you started there. Actually, to show your gratefullness to me for doing this, sign up at
and help me get a free flatscreen monitor.  You’ll need to
complete one of the offers, which are anything from a free trial for
weight loss stuff, to credit card offers.  All of them are legit;
the credit card I use now I got through this, and I sent my dad some
Hydrodermâ„¢ stuff in the mail.  Then, I cancelled before I got
billed after the free trial was over.  Some of them are completely
free; some places charge you a dollar.  I think that’s not a bad
deal, for a free thing.  Other conditions apply on individual
offers.  Depending on what you want, (all the products are listed
on the homepage) you need to get between 3-10 friends to sign up under
you and complete an offer, and complete an offer yourself.  The
higher the value on the free product, the more people need to complete
offers on it.

Next on the list is offers through, like
I signed up through this one, and basically its the exact same business
model as FreePay sites.  Since it is, I would say with a fair
amount of certainty it would work…but why not just stick with
FreePay, cause we know that works. 

Final word for today is
I was fairly excited about this, as it said you need to do six offers,
as do the other sites…but you could complete it yourself!  I
settled in for the ride to get a PSP.  It had three pages of
offers, with 2 offers needing to be completed per page.  I banged
out a few offers right away, nailing myself a $25 WalMart card and $20
Loews Home Improvement gift card.  I’ll keep you posted later on
if those come through.  I got to the last page, and BAM, theres
the kicker.

So you need to buy either a) Two satellite dish services (with free installation and equipment and the first month FREE!!with a 18 month commitment and a minimum plan cost of $30 a month. Or, you can get a satellite dish servicewith a 18 month commitment and a minimum plan cost of $30 a month with
an auto loan.  And the loan needs to be approved and all that fun
stuff before you’ll get credit for it being done.  Verdict? 
Nope!  Looked good, but they nail ya in the end.

All in all, I bet it will be pretty fun.  Even if it costs me a
few dollars in the end.  Nice people will send me a few dollars
through PayPal to

Anyone want my free 1 month trial of America Online?  You have the sweet screen name RahWangah.

Courtesy of the brain of Kerry and Michael and the artistic intrigue
and stylings of Johnny Awesome, we give you the next Palmer Tee. 
Or Palmer T.  Two.  Teasing. wooT.

We will accept orders soon.  Maybe. Stay tuned for the Palmer Hoodie.

The Night of Facebook.

Friends, we now have access to the Facebook.  I don’t know if you
know what facebook is.  But go to, and sign
up.  I don’t know if we’re supposed to know we have access to
it.  It’s basically an online school directoy/online method of
hooking up.

I’m rather excited about it.

In other news, I completely forget this picture from the zombie
infested house next door.  It’s actually haunted zombie poop.

And all this to the melodic background and fore-video sound and visual
of Wayne’s World.  Schwing!!!  I watch this movie as often as
possible.  Last year, I’d watched it about a dozen times by this

Expeditions must be made to determine the truth.

What is this abandoned house next to Palmer, behind the Hill?  I
think it’s a place that rabid pirates go to eat their babies.  I’m
probably wrong though.  There’s a broken window though, so I guess
we can go inside.

The window, when viewed from the inside, is broken.  Just like it was from the outside.  Spectacular.

This is an empty room.  It was pretty exciting.  There wasn’t any zombies.

This is another room.  There was stuff on the floor.  There
was also a shrunken human head from the ceiling that wasn’t exciting
enough to take a picture of.

Here is the kitchen.  There were cabinets.  There were a lot
of books like “Summoning of the Dead” manuals in there.  There
were also a lot of bones in them, but I didn’t feel like taking a
picture of them, either.

In the next room Kerry was attacked again, and whipped out his sweet action weapons and start blasting zombies.

Kerry decided to take a shower to wash off all the blood and guts on him.

We camly strolled out of the house after ridding it of the undead
menace.  But there was a suprise for us.  There was blood
sucking mini zombies all over us.  Here’s a picture of some of
them on my leg.  But they were pretty much everwhere.  Turns
out it doesn’t really hurt a lot when one bites you, but when there’s
about eleventy billion, it itches maddeningly.  I’m going to
shower now.

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