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Month: December 2005

        you’re all dead to me


except the ones who are motherly and make pumpkin cookies and let me play DDR with their children

This does not include the required bible minor core.  That has, in
any case, a 4:2 ratio of non-Bible to Bible Bible courses, but everyone
takes those, not choices that those with a Bible major can choose to
study in the text if they wish.

You know what grinds my gears?

Just moderately, of course.  Nothing too serious.  I just
think it’s interesting.  For those who are not of the Cedarvillian
persuasion who may occassionaly peruse this Xanga, I welcome your
objective thoughts on the matter.

Cedarville is theoretically a Bible College.  But we’re not
officially called that anymore, I don’t think.  We like to thinkof
ourselves as being well grounded in scripture, bringing ourselves up in
that sort of way, etc etc.  So in examination of the Bible
department, we find similar results to last semesters look.

The Philosophy segment has 6 different courses, with a total of 8
sections. There are a total of 198 students currently enrolled in
philsophy, BEPH, classes.

BEPT, whatever that is, has 10 different courses, 12 sections
total.    I think this is a missions-oriented
sector.  There are 221 students enrollled here.

BECE, which is something else that I don’t know, has 10 classes with 11
sections.  There are at least 239 students enrolled here, probably
more because some of them look like senior-oriented things that are
instrcutor approval required.

And, in the actual Bible classes, the Old Testament has a grand total
of 2 classes, with 30 people each between them for a total of 60.

The New Testament departement fairs better, with 4 classes (even though
one is instructor approval inductive studies), but the classes are
smaller and so only 69 people are currently registered for classes here.

This is 658 people in non-Bible Bible classes, and 129 people in Bible
classes that actually look at the text.  Obviously, there are
plenty of other majors.  But is it a matter of concern that those
majoring in Bible have a majority of their classes not actually from
the Bible?  Maybe it’s an ok thing to do.

I would like if we had more Bible-text sorta based classes.  Especially more than 2 Old Testament classes. Oh well.

In happier news, I don’t know any of these girls.  But they’re
really pretty, and I support that and am proud of them for it. 
It’s not that I happy that I don’t know them.  I’m just happy they
are them and are only looking moderately scared to be seen with me.

Three goals of my life, in no particular order.

See him in concert:

Meet her:

And finally, go on a date with her:

See, look how happy I am when we’re together.

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