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Month: January 2006

In a sober moment, let’s talk about Hamas [wiki]. 

Hamas is recognized as a terrorist group by the United States, Israel, Canada, and the European Union.  Their founding charter states that they wish to wipe Israel from the map.  Its members “fear God and raise the banner of Jihad in the face of the oppressors.”  Violence and holy war is the appropriate solution to take care of the infidels.

They are well known for their use of suicide bombers, including females and children.  They confine their attacks to Israel and Israelis, and have take credit for many bombings and attacks.

And now, they won the Palestinian elections [BBC] and are a valid political power within the Palestinian government.  They hold 76 of 132 parliament seats.  80% of the population participated in the election, which was supported by the US.  In an ironic move, the people which for so long did not recognize Israel as a valid government, now having become a valid government in themselves, are not being recognized as such unless they renounce the violence and hatred of their charter.

What is democracy?  If the people call for a violent, anti-semetic government, can other countries deny that elected party the recognition that the people have decided to grant it?

I want to say, if we’re lucky, Hamas will try to make a move, and then Israel will have an excuse to lay waste to all the various nations around it trying to eliminate them.

But that’s not love.  What’s the appropriate sort of love in this circumstance?  Can you turn the other cheek, if your enemy is aiming for your neck?  I’d have a hard time not being racist in Israel.  Being Jewish in America, I can say I don’t discriminate based on race, but I don’t have anyone actively trying to kill me.  No one sends women or children running at me with a bomb strapped to their back.

I usually post pictures up.  But who’s to say if I should put one of defiant Islamic militants, or of Arab children killed by Israelis? 

This is not a scam.  You will receive your haiku.

I bet some rich people visit my Xanga.  Currently, I have approxmiately $0 in my bank
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To whet your appetite, here is a sample haiku.

I Like To Smell Nice
It Would Be Good To Shower
Maybe Tomorrow

This money will go towards expenses associated with vehicles, including but not limited to, gas and insurance.  The rest of it will go to my squandering it away on fancy dinners are taco bell, unless you request it be given to charity. I will keep you updated on the progress of this endeavour.

You probably didn’t know it, but I’m a HUGE consumer item in Japan.

Epoops to Ronit, my fellow jew in Yeshua for that one.

I need to give a little advice to the ladies.  So you think I’m really good looking, and want to seduce me?  That’s understandable.  But don’t lower yourself to only trying to seduce me.  The best way to find boys is something you carry with yourself already and can do at any moment.  Yes, this is what I speak of, the side ponytail.

It worked for her.  She met lots of boys and went to dances.

Yep, she’s definetly one you have to go on a date with.  The glasses add to the effect.

And finally, to prove how drawn I am to such things.

Hot babes with side ponys, I really can’t think of anything else that makes me happier.  Except maybe pirates.  Pirates with side ponys, arrrrr.  I need to find meself one of those.

                   2005 was a good year.

Yeah, “For me to poop on” was the joke. Great job, Einstein.

My New Year’s resolution is 1152 x 864.  At 74.8 Hz.
Also, I said I’m not going to poop this year.  But I lost that game already.

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