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Month: May 2006

Email from my advisor for the summer I’m spending in Maine:

“Your proposed research area will be
Development of Lateral Field Excited and Spiral Coil Bulk Wave Devices for
High Frequency Applications.”

w00t skillz.

So far my summer has been

well ill edit this later because paint disappeared and i dont have anything to edit images in. i love windows. ill get a G4 cube at the end of the summer and just game on this. ps i like to spend my free time playing world of warcraft now. dont worry clan lord, you’re still my friend to.

So the verdict is in.  I spend my summer in sunny Maine, with days on the beach and nights dancing with hot babes.  Maybe.  I’m doing a research slash internship thingy at the U of Maine, and it should be stellar.  It’s researching awesome things like thin film and pizoelectrcic sensors.  Maybe only engineers think that’s fun.

But it was really quite pleasant to wake up one morning, not have an email, go to an exam, try to print out the notes from the exam 2 minutes before it, then get an email saying “Hey you’re awesome so you can come research here, get paid a schmillion dollars, and have a sweet time.” Especially after all my jobs back home were falling through. Jehovah Jireh as they say.  He provides both summer jobs, as well as root beer for long nights in the Palmer.  Which will be sweet action next year, featuring the likes of the Colinater, the Telloster, and the Hot Babester.  The last one is undecided as of now.

So take heart those lacking summer jobs.  Something will work out.  Maybe not money will work out.  But God will provide something that is needed by you, even if you don’t realize.

currently in love with:

because she is my silver medal (and now that i’m not in her daddy’s class anymore we can date!)

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