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Month: June 2006

I’m really popular, and girls named Monica really want to be my myspace friends.

In other news, I have a girlfriend.

4:43:01 PM: Hey Mike
  4:43:09 PM: one of the girls I work with looks a TON like Laura
  4:43:23 PM: Her name is Carrie Arm
  4:43:42 PM: I think she should date or marry Kerry Hand
  4:44:53 PM: because their names are so similar
  4:44:53 PM: but she’s short
  4:44:53 PM: and she has a boyfriend
  4:44:53 PM: her boyfriend does a lot of cocaine
  4:44:54 PM: maybe if you do cocaine, pretty short girls will like you too
  4:48:10 PM: Well, maybe if you just drink Coca-cola
  4:48:21 PM: that is a different, less harmful kind of coke
  4:48:48 PM: if you were in the south, you could just drink dr pepper or something and you’d still be drinking coke
  4:49:28 PM: southern pretty short girls are more likely to like you because every carbonated beverage they see you drink will be a coke
  4:49:35 PM: that’s my theory of the  day
  4:49:36 PM: bye

when i get around to looking at blogs i feel like people update MORE in the summer. go outside and play.  come backpacking with me.  this internet is just a passing phase invented by al gore.  except for world of warcraft and clan lord. they are not passing phases.

ps i dont know who lives in maine, but starting tomorrah ill be there all summer

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