now rated arrrrrr

Month: July 2006


Is there anyone who does NOT enjoy playing with dryer lint?

Have you ever looked at the girl who you’ve known for a long, long time, and suddenly realized, “Hey, she’s really not ugly at all…..”?

So this might be embarassing for her to have everyone see…but there it is. And it’s how I feel.

Arrr mateys, apparently Xanga posts can be rated. This one be rated….well, ya know.

This be tha crew that went to see Pirates II at the stroke of midnight.  Our l337 pirate earrings be courtesy of Claire’s, where all pirates go for their phat bling.

Pay no attention to the ninja in the background.

We sailed around on the pirate ship, flying our flags and yelling generally pirate-y things.  Then some landlubber callin hisself a “reporter” decided to take our names and photographs for some sort of “paper” scurvy dogs in these parts read.  A fine dinner of meat and rum followed by encounters with beautiful wenches of all sorts…twas a fine night to be a pirate.

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