The whole Jesus thing gets confused sometimes, I think.

My thought sitting on the toilet yesterday was, obviously Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life. That’s a no brainer.  He “had” to live a perfect life to be the “blameless sacrifice” (or did he?) or whatnot….but if in fact as is claimed he is truly fully God, he didn’t have the capability to sin.  So temptation could be thrown his way, but it didn’t matter.  It’s like, hey, look at me, in a full fire resist armor set with a 100% fire resist ring on for good measure.  Keep throwin those fireballs at me mage boy, but it’s not going to do much good.  I retain the capacity to HAVE a fireball thrown at me, but by virtue of who I am (and my sweet armor set), it doesn’t really matter.  God cannot sin; wrongdoing is not doing as God wishes.  So I don’t think it matters that Jesus lived a perfect life.  I don’t think that’s even a small part of the point.  What is the point?