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Month: March 2009

hidden beauties

I know this is a drastic oversimplification.  Please don’t take it the wrong way.  Just see it for the interesting, inherent beauty.


Simple and beautiful.  crap=parc, feces=secef…you see what I mean?  Enjoy it for what it is.

I spend too much time considering old vs. young. I’ve already resigned myself to becoming judgemental and set in my ways.  My father was wild back in his day, then he got respectable, married, got kids and job, etc etc. I’m not saying this is a bad thing by any means; simply that it’s a natural part of life’s process.  The old generation holds to what is established and valuable, while the young explore, throw off the oppression, and walk all over everyone’s lawn.


I’ve never really understood the concept, anyway.  It’s a lawn, made for walking on.  Deeply seated beliefs on the value of personal property are hard to understand.  That’s not entirely true; I’ve very protective of my computers…but that’s what I DO.  Many people seem greatly attached to all sorts of meaningless items; I’d prefer to be moderately attached to select important items and let those kids traipse wherever they want.

My Good and Evil pages will be updated randomly and without warning, if you were of a mindset to follow what’s really important.  Don’t expect to understand everything (or even anything) that I write there. Some of them are deeply personal.

I’ve been wicked tired lately.  No idea why.  I thought it was mostly related to how I hadn’t gotten enough sleep in two weeks, but I decided to ignore that.  Theoretically I like to get into work early and leave early, but I can’t seem to manage to get myself out of bed.  Melatonin [wiki] is my drug of choice in these situations.  I prefer nothing, but it does what I need to without noticeable side effects.  Well, none that I can admit to in mixed internet company.

I recently purchased/am now in possesion of a new mountain bike and a new camera.  I hope to combine the powers of these two and make beautiful things.  Like rippling calf muscles…or pictures of rippling calf muscles…maybe I can send them back and just google for images.


Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

In order to ease your troubled mind on the subject of good vs evil, I’ve added some pages (links are on the top of the right column with my current theme) which conveniently list things that are good or evil.  This list is preliminary and by NO means yet comprehensive.  It may take me several weeks to exhaust all possibilities, giving you an important reason to continually visit my blog.

Really, it’s a huge gimmick. Can’t you tell? Stop being so blind to my ways. Wise up a bit.

A few months ago, it used to be very important for me to get enough sleep.  Lack of sleep led to a day of terrible depression.  That’s way different now…I’ve been very happy, and very content, and somehow I’ve not gotten enough sleep in a few weeks.  Busy busy schedules.

Actually, I took a break from writing this post, and now I have no idea what my point was.  Penguins are pretty awesome/intense.

frist reel psot

Endless years later…I post. September 2006 was when my blogging all fell apart.  Those were the heady days of Xanga, of calling my comments/kudos boogers and nose picks, insulting whoever I felt like, and keeping the world up to date on what girl I was currently in love with (along with, at times, a running record of girls who were not currently dating me).  If you’d like to catch up with my past, head to and take a gander.  I take no responsibility for any damage it may cause you.

I’m currently restructuring my virtual life; minimizing my Facebook/Myspace/crazy internet dating/texting in hopes of getting rid of a lot of the misinterpretation of intent and meaning that comes through those mediums.  Seemed only natural to start blogging again in light of that, aye? Arr.

In case you were worried, yes, I’m still a pirate.

Since I last sailed through the blogosphere in my pirate airship, many things have happened.


I accidently managed to graduate with a degree in engineering, found myself a job as an engineering project manager, quit my job as engineering project manager, started my own company selling computers/doing IT support, watched the economy fall apart, put my plans on hold, and got a job as a design engineer.  Now I’m a design engineer+entrepreneur+uberBlagger.

I’m falling all over myself with Web 2.5 here. I’m twittering too, under the usual handle.  If you can’t figure out what that is, the I’m too scared of your lack of wit to imagine you frolicking hand in hand with me into Web 3.0, which is simply the monetizing of Web 2.x.    Since nobody can define Web 2.x anyway, I’ve included a handy guide.

Web 0.1    : AOL

Web 1.0    : Geocities

Web 2.x    : ???

Web 3.0    : Profit$$$

You’re now an internet pro.  Don’t forget. I love you.

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