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Month: June 2009

copyright FTW

The Congress shall have Power … To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

U. S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8

This is the foundation of of copyright law.  Copyright is to STIMULATE creative ideas; if I invent a helicoptor, you’re not allowed to build my helicoptor.  Originally, just for 14 years…then it was possible to apply for a 14 year extension in some cases.  The intent was NEVER to build a helicopter, then retire for the rest of your life on your helicopter income, and never let anyone else own your intellectual property.  The concept of intellectual property didn’t even EXIST until recently.

Now, the idea of copyright and intellectual property is driven primairly by Teh Beig Eveels.  The RIAA, MPAA, Telecoms, etc etc…copyright is a form of ownership to drive profits through licensing.  It stifles progress of science and art.


Guitar Hero used to be a creative idea. Then we got GH2. GH3. GH4. GH4.  Rock Band. And so on.  EA is publishing upwards of 50 rhythm-based games.  All the music in these…licensed by Teh Eveels.  Why? Because EA is big evil too, and can afford to.  People want to hear/play familiar sound tracks, so only a beeg eveel can compete in these markets, because they’re the only one that can afford to.  This stifles creativity to an extent; the small guy can’t compete in the big guys game, at all.  Doesn’t matter how much better his product is; he can’t afford to license all that stuff.

The little guy isn’t down and out, by any means.  There’s intensely creative, original work being created.  Look at games like World of Goo. Fabulous.  And there’s plenty of independent artists looking to make creative works…the problem is the methods of distribution are caught up in the copyright game.

Something extremely practical that you don’t even know about…the x86 architecture.  It’s what’s (most likely) running your computer.  Most people don’t know it was there.  People didn’t know a few years ago their CPU was PPC if they were running an Apple machine, and now its x86.  It’s transparent to the end user…but the copyright by Intel on that architecture stifles development.  EVERYTHING runs on it; I’d call it a commodity.  But Intel won’t let you design based on that architecture unless you pay them licensing fees.  Through a series of cross-licensing maneuvers, AMD is allowed to compete in this domain and develop their own chips based on this architecture.  The majority of user software is built for this architecture.  Practically speaking, we’re locked in…but there is NO room for a third party to develop this architecture.

I get tired of the Justic System Industry pumping copyright law for money.  Yes, pirating music is “wrong”.  No, the RIAA shouldn’t get to charge people $1.92 million against Jammie Thomas-Rasset in the name of the Almighty Copyright, no matter how much music was stolen.  No creativity was stifled.  No SCIENCE or art was shortchanged.  It’s not a copyright violation.  It’s a theft.  If you steal a few CDs, it’s not a felony, nor can you be hit with damage like that.

We need to examine the REASON and ROOT behind our laws, rather than building monstronsities on top of monstrosities.  Just like they did with the x86 architecture…

teh minor prophets.

Read them. You’ll be a better person.

change you can believe in

I’m going out of my way to “change”. Not my underwear.  Just to experience “nonsense” (debatable) things that won’t hurt me, and might help me.


This week, I already got a fajita burrito with barbacoa instead of a steak burrito at Chipotle.  I also ordered a different dish than usual from a local Thai restaurant…I substituted flat noodles for my usual rice.

This lets me live life TO THE MAX.



Twitter is less useful than purported.  Does the previous sentence have proper structure? Anyway, it’s purportedly the only real way to get information about crazy things like the Iranian election/fallout.  If you follow #iranelection , it’s nearly impossible to get anything valid out of.  Furthermore, Twitter is unregulated (by nature), so it’s easy for Iranian government officials/evil Ira-nazis to pretend to be the unwashed masses and spread information.  You have NO IDEA if you’re following someone for real, or getting fed what THEY want you to hear.  THEY are also censoring the interwebs and media, so neither is there any hope for “real” news coverage…not that the mass media is worthwhile anyway.

People spamming #iranelection (which is 99.9% of people), even with good intentions, really do destroy any avenue of sharing information.  Yes, it’s cute when you share your hopes about the dreams of a free Iran in the form of a haiku.  Isn’t it ironic your beautiful hopes and poetry all combine together into an unreadable, unruly mashup?

PS, following me on twitter (name: wangahrah) is pretty useless since I rarely update.  It’s always a gem when I do, so you’ll have to weigh the final costs yourself.


Sometimes a good argument gets me all riled up and ready to go. In a good way.  It’s been a real long time since I had a great, non-emotionally-involved argument.  Something no one is personally invested in, but you see very differently.  I get pretty heated and into a debate. Sometimes people think that mean I’m angry, taking things personally, or holding things against the other person.  Couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It’s just my style.

I’m trying to pull my life back into proper balance.  I do struggle with anxiety.  Overally, it’s a chronic, mellow thing, only rearing its ugly head when there are specific, pointed triggers…lately there’s been multiple blunt triggers, and it’s been doing me in.  Not enough sleep, eating terribly, turning to soda to drown my sorrows…these destroy me.  It’d be better for me to turn to alcohol than soda…caffeine gives me wicked anxiety problems after an anxiety session has been triggered.  I NEED to regulate myself to go to bed early and get plenty of sleep, and I need to start being more active too.  I’ve already started eating healthier, cutting out caffeine and excess sugar.  Makes me feel better overall, be healthier, and keeps my heart rate at a reasonable level.

A final note on trying to debate things with management:



This is my second blog post today.

I find this video to be deeply moving, in the make my eyes watery sort of way.

People are exactly the same, no matter where they are from.

This shows the average JOESIXPACK, or JOESAKEDRINKER, or JOESTARVINGTODEATHINAFRICA.  People aren’t inherently out to get each other.  A few powerful people, with money and motivation to get more money and power, are enough to throw the world into a tizzy.  But really, I think we all want to be able to be silly, enjoy life, and have the funds to travel to different countries and do a silly dance with people.

the beauty of the unseen

there’s some twisted pleasure in a public blog that almost no one reads.    a “freedom” to talk about things that people COULD know about, but don’t care to.  just like twitter.

In other news, I think I’ve solved America’s economic crisis, which involves the destruction 0f Walmart, the elimination of lazy people, and the mass removal of criminals from politics.  Who’s with me?

Interpersonal relationship dynamics continue to elude me.  If anyone can solve these problems for me, I’d be most grateful. I simply do not get people, and feel a time of introspective hermitage descending on me.  Amazing how hard pure hermitage is when you’re actively involved in service and volunteering.


I want to be Calvin again. I already have my stuffed tiger.

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