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Month: October 2010

life and wurk

It seems there are a decent amount of “interesting” software companies with interesting ideas, business practices, etc. They might work weird hours or have strange incentive programs…just conduct business a little differently than “as usual”. Less Dilbert-esque, more something-else-esque.

I like that. Alternative brains (as engineers often have) work most productively in alternative environments. In theory, we are “professionals”, who make a salary because we have a job to do, regardless of hours worked.

So, let us do that. Work from home, work from the office, work from the beach…is the job getting done? Why does all the power remain in the hands of the employer, when it’s the employee(s) that allow for the employer to exist?


the zombie attacks are increasing in frequency. i don’t think we can hang on much longer.

the reBOOT

I haven’t posted at all since I went to Haiti. I feel they are connected somehow. But my brain is being revitalized, and I have things to post.

I might run for president or something like that when they deem me old enough. 2024 sounds like a good target, eh? Politics is full of politicians, so I’m sure I’ll be able to a bang up job in comparison. Things obviously won’t get fixed immediately, but there’s steps that can be taken. I think there are a few root causes that keep the government evil. A short and incomplete list of things I find important to the every day life of the American public, in rough order of importance.

1. Remove corn subsidies (5-10 year plan).
2. Reform IP/patent law in favor of consumers.
3. Have telecom infrastructure be government-owned. I think this is my only bigger .gov move.
4. Increase tariffs on imports to increase revenue and stimulate local manufacturing.
5. Allow big businesses to fail.
6. Stricter requirements on all school loans. Yes. This would make it “harder” to go to college.
7. Phase-down welfare and social security, and police those on it. No HDTVS and smartphones or you’re out.
8. Build nuclear power plants.
9. Remove our military police force from the world.
10. Have a privatized industry for auditing government activities.

Anyway, vote for me, 2024. You think I’m joking, don’t you.

This is a picture of me in Haiti.

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