its all over

Dont be scared.

In case you didn’t hear, the Rapture will be happening 5-21-2011 at 6 PM.  Or, for our friends across the pond, on 21-5-2011, at 6 PM.  Somehow, it’s supposed to happen at 6 PM in every time zone.  It makes sense…I’m sure God won’t want the pearly gates to get jammed up with too much traffic.

The prediction by Harold Camping seems to be spot on, based on biblical numerology.  Unfamiliar?  Here’s an excerpt from his Wikipedia article so you can see it means serious bidness.

Additionally, multiplying using the same math he uses returns an approximation of the stated results. If you use his date of April 1st, AD 33 to return 1978 years and multiply by 365.2425 you get 722,449.66. If you multiply by 265.2422 you get 722449.07. If you multiply by 265.24219 you returns 722449.05. Then if you account for leap seconds each year is slightly longer than the previous. Since 1972 to 2011 the earth rotates 24 seconds slower. This is a difference of .000276 of a year over 39 years meaning the length of each year is not consistent over 1978 years. In 1972 the resulting number would have been 1939 * 365.24246, or 708205.12. To return a result of 722500 in 2011 the length of the year would need to be 0.02575 of a day longer, or 37.06667 minutes longer than it really is.

There it is folks.  The end is nigh.

Please ignore the fact he also predicted the same thing occurring in September, 1994.  I’d suggest purchasing the book via Amazon to confirm we’re some 17 years late.

I think it’s just a power play by the Christians who decided that they want the world to end, just to prove the Mayans wrong.

edit: BREAKING NEWS.  Here [] is an explanation of why it’s 6 PM local time, everywhere.