One of the search results leading to my page (according to my stats page) was “middle aged sexbots”.  I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I’m clearly doing something very right.

I’m a proponent of working towards a post-scarcity society.  I believe the unemployment rate will continually creep upwards, and I think this is a very, very good things.

However, in the world’s current economic structure, I understand how the end result is a very bad thing.

Without jobs, people tend to struggle to make money to survive.  However, I believe with current technology, we can pretty easily feed, clothe, house, and power the world…if all barriers to those things were removed.   Politics, religion, and general shittiness of people prevents that from being realistic.  I know governments try to work to resolve these problems, to mixed results.  I don’t have short term solutions, nor do I have long term solutions…but I believe in working towards the long term.

If we come to a place where we automate all the jobs people used to need to spend all their time on, we become free to explore new areas of art and technology.  If we have robots that build our houses, and robots that grow our food, clean our things, assemble our devices, drive our cars…a lot of jobs will be lost.   However, the productivity still remains, and society still benefits from that work being done.  Food is being grown and products are being assembled.  Why does it matter what is doing the work?  People’s need to work becoming obsoleted should be embraced and funneled to better purposes.

I’m not going to address any issues with moochers, people sucking the life out of the system, and so forth.  I simply wish people would embrace the concept of increases in productivity and automation being a good thing long-term.  Right now, instead of the blessings of these innovations flowing to society, they mostly flow to those at the top.   Few people grow rich, instead of masses gaining increased quality of life.

Recognized how much quality of life has increased since a century or two ago.  Even the poor in first-world countries have cell phones, air conditioning, and indoor plumbing.  The poorest among us can often live at a higher quality of life than the lord of a city-state.  We stand on the shoulder’s of giants, and should keep pushing in that direction.

People will always be lazy and mooch, but many people will also take personal responsibility to make the world a better place.

Buckminster Fuller set a good example in that regard.  He invented and built things, and had them patented…not to become rich off of the royalties as those participating in the current system try to do, but so that that plans would be available to the public when they were ready for it.

People may be ready soon, or they may never be ready.  I still think it’s important to do good things that will improve life.  Maybe I will never reap the benefit of my own innovations, but someday, someone might.