Oh hello again.

I updated the theme.  If things are wonky, sorry.  By update, I mean I downloaded a theme update, which overwrites some of the customization I did.  Since I’m baller, I edit the theme in ways I’m not supposed.  Since it’s been awhile since I edited it, I have no idea what I need to change to make everything flow prettily.  You can deal with it. I noticed nothing after page 5 (or maybe 7, who knows) was showing up, so you, dear reader, were deprived of reading my old-old posts.  Don’t confuse that with my old-old-old posts, which are all on my Xanga page (link on side).  My Xanga page isn’t dead, I just have no idea what my password is. Also, Xanga?


I would be rich if I had bought Bitcoins awhile ago.  I’d also have been rich if I bought Apple stock (or Microsoft, or Google, or invented the Internet + Global Warming).  It’d be nice to be rolling in cash. Here’s what the most-recent Bitcoin bubble looked like (picture on the right).  Nice and bubbly, right.  I still could mine for bitcoins (google it, nerdypants.  I’m not here to hold your hand).  I’m sure I could get a couple, hold on to them for years, and become a m/billionaire.

However, I won’t. Maybe I will to keep the bitcoins for myself to spend on, something.  I guess it’s mostly drugs that people use to be them, but maybe that will change soon.  The issue is simply exploitation.  The bubble to the right is people treating these things like a commodity.  Maybe commodity is the wrong technical term for an economist (or maybe not), but you know what I mean.  Bitcoins are about as worthless as a dollar bill.  People don’t buy and sell dollar bills (well, they sort of do, but nevermind).  Use currency as currency, and stop trying to get rich quick this way.  You most certainly can get rich speculating, but it’s at the expense of someone else.  For your to make billions of other-coin off of bitcoin, you are taking someone else’s money.  They may simply be dumber than you, or potentially just less lucky. Regardless, it’s just redistribution of wealth between people who usually can’t afford it.

Basically, work hard, work smart, but don’t be a douche.  You douche.

Here’s other interesting things that I won’t write about now, and maybe never.

the mormon missionaries visiting being married moving to illinois grandmother in law dying mother in law diagnosed with terminal illness losing friends gaining friends being bored at work quitting work drama getting new job being brilliant being stupid living with uncle/cousin in law buying a house towing 2500lbs in an STI getting an STI selling a car normally selling a car to one of those WE BUY YOUR CAR sketchy places in paterson

a lot has happened. ive been really tired. im not as tired now.  if you want to hear about them, come at me bro


hearts and kisses