You may now feel free to travel back into this archive to the beginning of 2005!  Old blog archives have now been moved to this blog.  You don’t see them on the front page here because they have older dates, dummy.

Special thanks to, which is moving to some new non-free blogging scheme, so the old site is no longer available.

They did provide a wordpress-happy-style xml file to upload to here, which appeared to work flawlessly.  I need to find something to go through the externally linked photos and pull them into the local gallery so when photobucket kicks the photobucket those photos won’t disappear.  There’s a moderate chunk in the middle of the old blog where all the images were lost, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

I take no responsibility for what old me used to think, feel, and post.  Old posts have the author “ihaveablog”.  I still have a blog, but its not ihaveablog