my pee is bright yellow after a soylent lunch.

If you are unaware, soylent is this thing.  It’s not mostly people, but I suppose you have a little people in it.

If you don’t know how to click a link, it’s a food replacement.  You end up with a (without additives) fairly tasteless and bland shake which has all the calories and nutrients you need to survive.  The actual product isn’t shipping yet, and it’s actually cheaper to make a variant yourself, so I did that.  I’m not planning on a total food replacement, but I might do that for a week or two to see how it feels.

The plan is vaguely to get ~900 cal a day from my soylent concoction, and the rest from dinner and Mountain Dew.  Dinners will mostly be meat and greens, so my soylent mixture is built with that in mind.

The first batch tasted pretty bad. I think it’s because I drank half of it for lunch-ish, then went to the store to get iodized salt and salt substitute (for potassium).  I added that directly the half-remaining portion, as well as some powdered strawberry flavor and orange juice.  I didn’t taste anything in between.   I don’t recommend doing that; it tasted salty and acidic and weird.

I started making a batch for tomorrow.  I realized I was a dummy for making a super salty shake last time.  This time went much better…the oats I food processed I let food process for much longer, so it was much finer and resulted in a less oatmeally type shake and a more, less-oatmeally type shake.  I put in a serving of juice concentrate, hoping it’d make it taste like that.  It didn’t really, but the mix ended up being pretty palatable.

When time came to take it out of the blender, I made a mistake.  You just have to lift up, and the blender/spinny thing attached to glass comes up, ready to pour into whatever you’d like. I somehow managed to untwist the glass from the base (probably through the twisting I was doing), which resulted in the glass coming up, the base and blades staying down, and the soylent pouring out the bottom all over the floor.  Oops.

I salvaged enough, dumped the shitty tasting soylent I made early with too much salt and orange juice,  and am finishing the newer batch tonight.  After the dishwasher finishes cleaning up the mess, I’ll make the real batch for tomorrow.

My stomach feels a little weird already…strangely heavy for how little it seems I ate by volume today. Maybe that’s called being full.