why do i need to announce that i’m back to myself? no one reads this except me. and a few stalkers, i guess.

i’m excruciatingly tired of the rest of the world. i thought i’d write on medium to build an audience, and that worked out pretty well. it turns out i don’t necessarily want an audience. instead of writing on medium and cross posting here (which i’ve never done), i’ll write here, and cross post to medium things that i feel are worthwhile.

man, wordpress has added some nice feature since i left

michael, upon returning to wordpress

i hate that medium social-media-izes writing. i hate that i feel drawn to see if people clapped or started following me – especially when ‘following’ someone on that platform is of questionable use.

i’m not the most bothered by their monetization route – really, $5/month, some of which goes back to users (most of which goes to power users) isn’t too bad. plenty of articles are worth that much to read.

it does seem to turn writing into a platform, and turning things into a platform in this age seems to come with some downfalls. something about power users, power posters, power writers, and a huge amount of lovely writing goes unnoticed.

  • There’s
  • Also
  • Way
  • Too
  • Many
  • Lists

anyway, i’m going to go back to being me. writing however i want. not worrying about if anyone likes it.

because fuck you guys