Many moons ago, I wrote this article on Medium, published in The Startup. That makes me a published author, right?

A Startup for Chickens

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I could say a lot has happened since then, but honestly, not a lot related to that has happened regarding venture capital. The opposite has happened. Plenty of stuff has happened to actually working on building a product and business.

I got burnt out quickly on the startup nonsense. It’s a bubble. Where is all this cash coming from to fund all this nonsense? (Survey says….China and Saudi Arabia). Everyone is chasing the next googs or ubers – good on them, I suppose, but those things by nature are excruciatingly rare (that’s why they are unicorns, I guess – but unicorns, if they were real, I don’t think necessarily were rare, and also they were quite deadly).

These megastartups are nowhere near as useful as deploying an army of well-funded businesses run by normies (fuck this entrepreneur bullshit) that require far less capital, can grow and scale organically (like, ya know. a normal, real successful business), and provide far greater financial benefit and economic stability to far more people.

But wait, I forgot. We’re thoroughly capitalists, so no one gives a flying fuck. Billion dollars or bust, bitches. More cash in the pocket of people with cash, still doing nothing except sitting on piles of cash making more cash. Apologies to the ones doing something useful with their cash.

When I’m done with this, if I have extra resources, I hope it can be poured into local, real folks, with real ideas, and real capabilities, who are currently being ground up in the capitalistic profit machine. They don’t need $2,000,000. $50,000 and a good business plan to follow should get the right people where they need to go.

Slavery never goes away. It just looks a bit different. We need to be working on converting slaves into free men – not free men into slaves.