There are some who are true priests, wizards, pastors, wise men. They know the path of their god, and work with honest hearts to connect people to their understanding of the source. They give to mankind from themselves, and seek nothing in return. They are true believers and disciples. Some are kings and priests. Some live alone in cities, villages, or wander the land. You will never know for sure who they are. If they say they are, they probably are not. Unless, of course, they are.

There are many who are charlatans, and know nothing of the path of any god but themselves, and seek to use an illusion of the source to better only themselves. It’s not that some others won’t potentially be bettered by these false prophets, it’s just that their goal is focused on themselves – even more will do poorly because of their teaching than those that are incidentally bettered. If they teach material prosperity, they are a charlatan. If they teach you how to prosper, they may be a charlatan, unless they are not.

The false prophets will increase in number until destruction is assured, and destruction is cyclic, therefore assured. All should always seek to live in such a way as to stop the cycle, or else it will never cease.

At the end, when those who have eyes can no longer see, the foolish man will be indistinguishable from the wise.