I’m not shushing you.

I need to get my servers running at home in optimal shape so I can pull pictures off of them to post while I’m at work, since that’s when motivation usually strikes.

Yesterday Meg got locked in her apartment, which is pretty scary.  I thought she was being silly girl who somehow forgot how to open doors because, how do you lock yourself in your apartment?  She thought she was being silly girl too.  She wasn’t, she was legit locked in through either some screwup in the lock mechanism, or some screwup in the lock mounting on the door.

So I was  a HERO and came and let her out.  Hooray.

But then last night I took apart the lock and “broke” it.  At least, I removed the mechanism that can lock her inside, which was super fly and fun to do. I want to post a picture of the inner workings of the lock, but I can’t do that til later, since I’m lame and never set up my server at home to really work.  I might bit the bullet and buy a NAS enclosure, even though that’s the easy way out.