Recession part 2, huh? Maybe its FUD, maybe its real.

It’s the fault of the US healthcare system. It’s the fault of unsustainable wars. It’s the fault of capitalism.

Corporations are posting records profits, but you don’t have a job. It’s not really a recession, it’s just the people that have no money and can’t get jobs.

It’s the corporation’s fault. That’s OUR fault. We buy from Walmart. We choose cheap over quality. We buy clothes, toys, electronics manufactured for pennies by de-facto slaves in developing countries. We have systematically driven labor out of our country. Look at how cheap luxuries now are…air conditioners, TVs, phones. Did you think that was sustainable? You did not protest. You allowed it to happen.

Yeah, the government had some role. The corporations had some role. The American way is traditionally independent, and the people take charge. You’re not doing that. So it’s your fault.

Make thoughtful purchases. Live thoughtful lives. Understand we are in a global economy, and cheap comes with a price.