I’ve just finished reading Life, Inc. by Douglas Rushkoff.  I’ve summarized a little on my life wiki, but it spurred a decent amount of thought.

I’d like to start out with trying to figure this out:


Hmm. Do people cheer because they want people dead?  Or because Perry takes a strong stance on harsh penalties?  Either way, I struggle with the timing of their cheering.

People in society has been disconnected from each other, and I feel the above reaction points to that.  Actually, I just wanted to address that clip, and this seemed a decent way to say my thoughts on it, and loosely related it to the book I just finished.

So, Life Inc.  Our lives are dominated by a corporate mindset.  Forget about the corporations themselves; focus on the mindset it has given us.  Many people would rather pay for moving people, rather than have to deal with those pesky people they know.  We give money to support causes, instead of participating in a cause.  We live our lives by proxy…we watch reality shows for our personal interaction, we vote for the candidates who espouse our beliefs (instead of getting involved to make a difference), and continually abstract our interactions.

I know, this isn’t true for you.  YOU get involved, right?  But most people don’t.  The key to a grassroots movement is individuals acting how they should.  So get involved.  Talk to people.  Choose being part of a community over being a consumer.