“new” phone?  i have a samsung stratosphere now.  it replaced my original droid. it’s not as particularly hackable, but i got a splenditudinal deal on craigslist.

this leads me to my lack of sleep last night.  around midnight, i installed an update for my launcher.  something got horked.  it sort of, kept locking up on the homescreen, but not in a way i’ve ever seen before.  it made me think the battery was dead.  the screen went dark…but not COMPLETELY black.  it looked sort of stained.  the tried to start again. and kept choking.

what i’m trying to say is, i cannot get a good night of sleep if my phone isn’t working. and if my computer is having issues…fuggedaboudit.  had to stay up til 2am until it was working smoothly again. this does not help my sleep issues.