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fear and santorum in the USA

I didn’t call this one.  Who would have thunk that Rick Santorum would have a shot at the Republican nomination?  Not only did I not predict it, it makes me a little sad.  Not completely sad, just a little irked and disheartened about either the state of politics, or probably the state of conservative America.  I understand that conservatives are on their “Anyone But Romney” train, but I thought they’d give up after Newt’s second attempt.  Before I get into a discussion of the Man Himself, I just want to point out a snippet from Santorum’s web page, regarding his stance on jobs:

Rick Santorum is committed to celebrating the family by reviving our economy and creating jobs in America again with a smarter and simpler tax code.

Ok.  I don’t really get how any of those statements are related.  It feels like throwing out conservative jargon to make people nod their heads.  It’s not a finishing blow to Santorum…nonsense rhetoric is quite commonplace in the Romney camp (as well as Obama’s entire 2008 campaign).  I’ts just irritating to see it over and over again.

Most annoying to me is the following clip (well, I like the clip. Just not Santorum’s stance).

I do appreciate him stating what he believes.  I also believe he’s totally off base.  He’s not even even following alone the common founding fathers were awesome! line of thought…just stating he believes the government should get involved with people’s lives on a moral level, and that he does not believe in the libertarian views of people being allowed to do what they want.

That’s not American at all; from his stances across the board, it’s fairly clear he he appeals to the very right wing conservative who believes that everyone in America should believe and act they way they do, because it’s the correct way to act.  I wish he, and the right, would take note of the Amish; live how you want, and stay the hell out of other people’s business.

That’s mostly my beef.  He can believe what he likes, just as I can believe what I like.  He’s even free to try and bring it into the public square, and make legislation for it.  He voted for No Child Left Behind, but openly admits it was a mistake.  Interestingly, he pushed forward an amendment in favor of teaching evolution.  Not the standard conservative vote.

Anyway, in his current campaign, he espouses all of the “crazy” that people find in the conservative right wingers.  The language is way to inflammatory and divisive, but he’s pro war-on-drugs, war-on-women (it’s totally a bullshit line, but you know what I mean), war-on-terror, war-on-industry (ok, I made that up, I just mean to say he doesn’t believe global warming is real science), and believes there is a war-on-religion.  I think most of these things are either 1. fabrications to help entrench those in power and/or 2. bad moves that enroach on our liberties.

I’m just amazed that a first world country could have enough people buy into these ideas that I, personally, find quite backwards.

On the bright side, I see pretty much no chance of him becoming president.  That moderate Romney (and why is moderate such an insult?) has a better chance of wooing democrats.  Santorum has the far-right wing vote.  Both Romney and Obama are much more moderate, and have a much wider voter base.  But, in caucuses that just have Republican voters, and the most active voters tend to be ultraconservatives, it’s not as shocking that an ultraconservative would poll well.  I simply didn’t predict it.

I’d post a picture, and tell you to do a google search for Santorum to learn more, but I can’t recommend doing that.  (So go do it).



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  1. pops

    This interview was back in 2005 after his book stating it takes a family, in contrast to Hillary’s it takes a village. He is commenting on the village is the family and what the family participates in molds the child. While not well said, all he is saying in this clip is this country is a country of laws, and they should be followed whether we like them or not, or until they are changed. He is saying no country has such complete individualism where anyone can do what they want, whenever they want with no regard for anything or anyone else.

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