now rated arrrrrr

I’m really popular, and girls named Monica really want to be my myspace friends.

In other news, I have a girlfriend.




  1. Yes, but is her name Monica?

    Pimpymonica? I hope you approved her.

  2. don’t you mean “girl” named Monica wants to be your myspace friend?

  3. a girlfriend!  I thought I was your fiance!  I’m so hurt!  This is worse than when Hoffeditz proposed to Lori after first proposing to me   I mean, you even proposed to me in Chucks!   Miss you fluff!

  4. Kinda hard to believe…;P

  5. btw, i blow my nose in the shower

  6. is it true?

  7. Anonymous

    they all have a great name too!!

  8. hmm, the name monica reminds me of “friends”. im obsessive compulsive like monica. just to let you know lol

  9. Girlfriend? Is this a real girlfriend or a summer girlfriend that magically disappears when you return to school?

  10. Anonymous


  11. magical girlfriend? burn by wong! lol was i supposed to be jealous from that last comment?? 😛

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