now rated arrrrrr

4:43:01 PM: Hey Mike
  4:43:09 PM: one of the girls I work with looks a TON like Laura
  4:43:23 PM: Her name is Carrie Arm
  4:43:42 PM: I think she should date or marry Kerry Hand
  4:44:53 PM: because their names are so similar
  4:44:53 PM: but she’s short
  4:44:53 PM: and she has a boyfriend
  4:44:53 PM: her boyfriend does a lot of cocaine
  4:44:54 PM: maybe if you do cocaine, pretty short girls will like you too
  4:48:10 PM: Well, maybe if you just drink Coca-cola
  4:48:21 PM: that is a different, less harmful kind of coke
  4:48:48 PM: if you were in the south, you could just drink dr pepper or something and you’d still be drinking coke
  4:49:28 PM: southern pretty short girls are more likely to like you because every carbonated beverage they see you drink will be a coke
  4:49:35 PM: that’s my theory of the  day
  4:49:36 PM: bye




  1. Me Laura or another Laura? Lately, it seems like everyone thinks I look like someone else. (Not just you on myspace, silly.)

    I demand my face back.


  2. i thought i should date or marry kerry hand…i was confused.

  3. that’s amazing.

  4. Hey mike, I found your Hawaian girl finally…email me an address and I’ll send her to you…..and if you don’t, I’ll send you the ashes   😉

  5. The package has been sent. Enjoy!

  6. Haha, whoever said that MUST be amazing.

  7. uhhhh birthright is like thousands of people…lol…i didn’t meet anyone named sarah, sorry 🙁 but i’m sure u’ll be best friends anyway

  8. Anonymous

    BAM!  POW!  SNEE! 

  9. just my permit… i need to take my road test.

  10. Anonymous

    i am pimp! hawaii has had a nice effect on me

  11. Well of course you do.

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