now rated arrrrrr

Email from my advisor for the summer I’m spending in Maine:

“Your proposed research area will be
Development of Lateral Field Excited and Spiral Coil Bulk Wave Devices for
High Frequency Applications.”

w00t skillz.

So far my summer has been

well ill edit this later because paint disappeared and i dont have anything to edit images in. i love windows. ill get a G4 cube at the end of the summer and just game on this. ps i like to spend my free time playing world of warcraft now. dont worry clan lord, you’re still my friend to.




  1. hey…clan lord said he was MY friend

  2. When are you coming to Maine

  3. We should deff hang out while your here!

  4. just sign off aim already…caus youre never really there. hah

  5. i remember that creepy wig.

    don’t go anywhere near children with that thing.

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