now rated arrrrrr

sometimes girls are really irritating and i dont like them at all

currently in love with:

because palmer is for lovers




  1. good choice, jewfest!

  2. you ARE my BITCH!!!!!!!!

  3. aha! crystal poisened your mind about how comfortable i am with you! i swear, it had nothing to do with your arm being around me! haha, and no, i will not give you any boogers… cuz they are gross. and yes, kelsey is oh so hot. especially with her new haircut!

  4. i subscribed because your posts amuse me 😛

  5. why aren’t you ever in love with MEEEEEE?????????????????

  6. Anonymous

    who wouldn’t love johnny? and monkey…..i love you. but shh..its not a secret!

  7. ummm…no…no it does not

  8. Why arn’t you in love with me or Nicole?

  9. if you want to be my prom date you have to love me first you know lol

  10. What a freaking hottie.Those asian men….

  11. ha, everyone thinks that post is about boys or something… it was about different things on campus that i applied for… but i was accepted for small group leader, so all my babyish whining was for naught 😛

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