now rated arrrrrr

This is all I really want for Pesach.




  1. Anonymous

    Yeah…. me… too.

  2. aren’t you already taking leah jones. hah

  3. of me getting in the contest?

  4. it was far from a make out. i promise

  5. the u99.5 staff did come out and share your comment with me while i was still in the contest
    i left right after that…to be honest. hah. but not because of it…to be honest again

  6. i feel like i’m taking over your xanga…5 comments in a row. you should feel loved
    but uh…yeah. sorry for not making the pics rated pg.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ll go on a date
    As long as I get to pay
    But just for my own

  8. umm..yes. i’m the girl who buys you food and plays with your hair. you love me.

  9. gefilte fish is GROSS…

    according to the rabbis there is a problem with separating things on shabbat…so to have a fish course it needs to be boneless, so to avoid having to separate the meat from the bones…so they blend it till it’s liquid and then form it into little shapes…and then watch ronit hurl…

  10. you’re never serious

  11. Thanks for the comment. I am Nicole’s Best Friend! It is just the fact that I have never been asked ot a dance and my Senior Prom is the one that I wanted to go to and feel special about, and it isnt happening. Oh well I guess someday I will get over it. Thanks for the encouraging though. Nice to fianlly meet the JEW

  12. Aww that is sweet, thanks for the offer. But did you forgetr I live in Maine and you are in Ohio

  13. Did Nicole say you were coming to Maine this summer?

  14. yeah um UPDATE…jerk

  15. Anonymous

    Your lack of updation makes me sad.  I mean, seriously sad.  I’m pretty much sobbing in a corner.  Well…I was before I got on the computer to write this one thing…and I will be as soon as I get off.  Dang it.  :bummer:  You caught me…I don’t promise. 

      hehe. Muah ha ha

  16. Anonymous

    DARN…my :bummer: face did not activate!  ACTIVATE, JERKFACE!  SLIME BALL!  SCUM OF THE EARTH!  Yeah…I don’t think it’s working.

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