now rated arrrrrr

I bring you yet another edition of Girls Who Are Not Dating Meâ„¢,

This weeks edition is very, very special.  Because we’re all
special people.  Especially people who share our last names, who
are of questionable genetic relationship to us.  In this case, it’s
probably a good thing that we’re not dating, because all of these last
girls share with me something very special…my last name.  I’ve
never met any of them, and have no idea if we are related or not. 
I hope not though, because they are almost as pretty as me.  Here
it is, Girls Who Are Not Dating Meâ„¢

Rachel Anfang         
Maddie Anfang

And another special treat.  Pirates Who Are Not Dating Meâ„¢.

Maribeth the Pirate Queen.  Arrrrrrr.




  1. haha. this post made me laugh. the end.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m not dating you.

  3. Rachel and Amy are especially cute.

  4. ok, seriously, you really just need to get a girlfriend so you leave the rest of us alone!!!!!

  5. Amy looks scary, Rachel looks…______ (fill it in) and maddie looks really nice.

    I still vote for Meribeth. That’s a whole lot of hottness in one person.

  6. hmm… that is slightly stalkerish

  7. ya, i vote for maribeth too 🙂

  8. No boogers for you. HAHAHAHA. Mike, you are a Jewish booger. I just wanted to give you that encouragement.

  9. Anonymous

    I like Maddie Anfang’s hair.

  10. Anonymous

    Hey, nice job tonight.  I thought you did a really good job.  But, I’m no expert and I can only really compare you to the others.  So, you weren’t the best and you weren’t the worst!!  j/k, it was swell!!


  11. those are my sisters, you jerk!

    …they all just had their last names changed to Anfang…

  12. Anonymous

    You’ve been tagged…. Go to my site.

  13. e-props for being so persistent
    but i’m not going to date you…
    you should date maribeth. that would be hott

  14. eh? that comment made no sense.

  15. haha.’re not online now. so i have an excuse.

  16. Oh, Michael. I miss you. Are you going to be around over Christmas?

  17. haha. ok. you’ll have to tell me about it sometime

  18. Anonymous

      I found you too.  🙂

  19. hahaha. gee, thanks

  20. i sucked because procrastination kicked me in the ass and i was having a bad day. but the card cheered me up, despite the fact it was from you. haha.

  21. You rock. ^_^ My Mike says thank you for helping his wife out… so he didn’t have to. lol He would have had to drive 40 miles one way to jump me. Thanks again!

  22. dont mess with my roommate *evil glare*

  23. Yeah that was pretty distasteful. I don’t even know who “my people” are.. but I’m sure they did.. seeing as how that includes basically everyone.

  24. My word Mike, you sure do have a lot of boogers. I’ve always wanted to tell someone that.

  25. it wasn’t exactly directed toward you…but sure. go ahead.

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