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Sappy first, thoughtful later.

Got back from PA/OH for 10 days, finally back in Jersey.  I had an
excellent time being with my not imaginary girlfriend Felicia, being
with her pretty much every waking hour, except when I’m too lazy to get
up and she steals my wallet and buys a sweatshirt with the money in
it.  Not a lie.  I had a great time at Creation, the
christian music festival, in spite of the event itself.  It was
fully of flagrant biblical inaccuracies in things.  However, it
had a buttload of energy…100,000 people with their hands lifted,
jumping up and down, shouting, dancing, things you don’t see at
Cedarville.  There’s the “spirit” and passion thats
needed…Cedarville seems to just retain the “truth”.  Oh wait,
I’m still in the ‘sappy’ part, almost got off track.

This is Booger. Felicia likes catching frogs.  Even though this is
a toad.  We spent some time chasing after them. We have l337 frog
catching skills.

This is us.  Aww. How cute, etc etc.  Mostly I’m really hott,
but mostly she is.  Neither of us are particular sappy people
(Neither of us is a particularly sappy person?  Laura?), so you
can invent sappy things for me to say that I won’t be able to think of
on my own.

In other news, I saw this bumper sticker on the way home:

I really started thinking about it.  Perhaps many people yell at
me for this, but I won’t say I’m a huge Bush fan.  Not that I hate
him…but you get the idea.  Lots of people really feel what this
bumper sticker addresses.  Let’s face it…there were no weapons
of mass destruction in Iraq.  So that was a “failure”.  But,
they say look at the liberation of the people.  They were so
oppressed.  w00t!! Sweet action, there’s a lot less
opression.  Good times.  Still makes America the world’s
police, whether or not somewhere wants to be policed.  (I’m not
saying thats a bad thing; it just is).  Alright, so we’ll say
thats a good thing, and we’re pretty altruistic.  Because I really
don’t think we were in it for the oil, altruism is an ok alternative,
and not to many Republicans would argue…right?  Into my head
popped another thought.  We’re sending troops into military action
for atruistic purposes, for the good of the world and America, right?

Pop quiz: If we’re so out for the good of people, how come America is
the #1 consumer of sweatshop-produced goods?  Why do we send
troops to die (which is necessary, I’m not saying its the worst thing
ever) but let people live on a few pennies a day being oppressed by
capitlism in its current form?  I suppose its ok for people to be
oppressed by capitlism, but not dictatorship.

Why doesn’t America shut down its sweatshop using companies?  Or
if the people are so gung-ho about quality of life for Iraqis, why not
for all the other countries where people are abused for…YOUR
pleasure?  Who make YOUR clothes and your toys.

You’re a part of that.  Nike, Disney, Wal-Mart, Kohls.  All
use sweatshops.  Do you think, or care, about what you buy? 
Because there’s plenty of “clean” companies that make capitlism a much
happier place.

Think about it.




  1. Aww at the sappy part…

    and WTF at the other part… seems kinda random but I guess that’s just you thinking again. Gotta stop doing that, your brain will explode one of these days…you can’t fix america’s problems…only God can.

    I agree with you for the most part… I still like Bush though. heh.

    *hugs* and we are the best at catching frogs.. and Booger was absolutely amazingly cute…

    Too bad that’s a horrible picture of me and we needa get a new one that’s better. ‘kay?

    ‘kay bye.

  2. Anonymous

    I support that bumpersticker.  I question its place on your xanga.  Ok, not really, I don’t question it, but I had to put something there.  Can you blaim me?

    Your girlfriend is hot.  I like seeing the “before and after” with those pictures.  Hot girlfriend holding frog…. and yada, yada, yada……. hot girlfriend sitting with Mike, the frog prince.  I yada-yada-yadad the best part!  The kiss……  the sappy part.

  3. An Arab democracy in the middle of a hotbed of terrorism and anti-US nations will do great good, the kind that you won’t see for years. Patience is needed, that’s all.

  4. I didn’t say it won’t do good. I lean more towards supporting the action in Iraq. I said, if “we” really care, we being America, and Americans, then why the inconsistencies? Whether or not anyone supports whats going on, it appears to be extremely incosistent, unless someone’s afraid of losing their high standard of living at other people’s expenses.

  5. Glad to see life’s going well for ya.

    Sweatshops aren’t so easily solved. 

     a) people aren’t enslaved per se, the problem isn’t the sweatshops, those are a symptom of a greater problem.  People won’t work in nasty conditions if they have better options.

     b)  Just shutting down sweatshops then puts the people out of any kind of work which may not help them much in the end.  I am NOT justifying sweatshops, just pointing out that they aren’t the root of the problem.

    c)  So, that leaves us with addressing the real problem which is poverty.  In this regard I think the efforts should be two-pronged.  One is simple, help those who need help.  There are programs which give micro-loans of under $100 to people which they use to start real businessess.  The second is not simple.  For an economy to truly flourish people need to be secure in what they own.  Corruption plagues many of the poorest nations and if you earn something it will be taken from you by regular criminals or those in the government.

    Wow, a diatribe.  I do think you made some good points.  I think the real reason we’re the no.1 consumer is a combined ignorance and apathy with a feeling of inability to change things.

  6. Depending on the new Palmer arivals and how things go this summer with the other guys, I think we’re up to about 50% girl friend capacity…

    That’s exciting.

  7. Yey for someone else at the ‘ville who is not a Bush fan! I thought I was the only one! 🙂

    I’m glad to see you’re having a good summer. Talk to you soon. Good luck with your frog-catching girlfriend–you guys make a cute couple! 🙂

  8. Wow….apparently I’ve missed a lot….silly internet keeps jamming up….anyway, congrats to you n Felicia. I’m sure lotsa people are wiring bet money to each other even as I type. Kinda funny how Palmer was like the bachelor pad (tho you wouldn’t be able to tell from open houses) but now, Petey has a point. John’s gonna be in Rickard, but him n I’ll still be droppin by, so that’s like, what, 60%?

    Good to hear ya had a great time at Creation. Wish I could’ve gone. It’s funny, but, with regard to that SSC artwork, John n I talked about the same thing the day they went up heh. I’m sure lots of people are gonna start noticing it n prolly writing to Cedars about it n stuff….anyway, hope ya have a great rest o the summer- congrats on the job! So far, it’s been a somewhat complicated (we’re moving) unsuccessful search for moi. God’s in control tho. At least, that’s what I tell my mom every time she yells at me for not havin one….;P

  9. Fun times at Creation.

    I agree with virtually everything you say Jew, except the part about you being hot. America has multiple personality disorder in the way it treats people worldwide. We are willing to send thousands of soldiers into battle to fight for freedom…but most of America is flat out too lazy make the relatively small effort it would take to force an end to America’s use of sweatshop labor.

    To be honest, there really isn’t much you can do about sweatshops without making a group effort, one person is not going to make a dent in business. A boycott is useless unless it is massive and well organized. Walmart won’t care if you stop shopping there. The only way they would notice is if you got 10 million people to stop shopping there, flood them with letters on why you’re not shopping, and get massive media coverage on why you’re not shopping. Not impossible, but certainly unlikely. But as they say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…

  10. hahaha…i thought the actual thing on your hand was a booger…and i was trying to figure out how you got it that big. cause that’s a big booger. and i’ve seen plenty in my day. but it’s a frog, so you’re cool.

  11. Haha, actually… that’d be my hand *wink* Michael’s are a little bigger and more girly looking than mine. haha. And I wouldn’t hold a booger…just a frog named such.

  12. what in the world … what’s up with “WTF”?!? speaking of inconsistencies ………..

  13. I want a bumper sticker like that. Maybe I’ll get one. Then again, if people at Cedarville got them they’d just turn into the latest way to be “alternative” and “buck the system”.

    stupid hypercapitalist consumer society.

    I’m still going to find one. Maybe.

  14. oh “yay” for creation.  one of the true joys of summer.

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