now rated arrrrrr

In the magical state of Ohio. Ewww.  I mean, hooray. My imaginary
girlfriend still has to work even when I’m here visiting.  Then
we’re going to the supahmarket to get super cool food.  Neither of
us cooks, so it’s peanut butter and jelly.

We went up to the ‘ville Sunday night to visit some people.  It’s deathly quiet compared to normal. 

Felicia had a brilliant observation.  As we were walking hand in
hand around Cedar-Lake (ahhhhh nooooo), we passed by the recently
erected monuments to Cedar-Art.  You know, those things they put
up by the clock in front of the SSC…it goes through the days of
creation.  The art for the 6th day has a picture of God’s lips
breathing onto Adam and Eve’s faces.  Good work Cedarville on an
attempt to bring some art in, but FeFe informed me that, maybe that’s
not exactly how it happened.  I checked just to be sure, because
I’m not familiar with such things, and Eve was made a little bit later,
from Adam’s rib, not poof breath of God into both of them and bam
people are made.

Ah well.  No pictures make me sad.

But the new Xanga option of selecting what game you’re currently playing is schweet.




  1. you came to the ville and you didn’t come see me?!

  2. Oh my goodness, Michael! You have girlfriend… Felicia and Mike sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! First comes love.. second comes… wait, am I getting ahead of myself here?

    Hee. I like hearing you happy. And she is so pretty!!


  3. Anonymous

    You know… I never stopped to look at that art.  Ever. 

  4. astute observation… its first on my to-do list when i return to the ville for a week in july!

  5. you know, sometime a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a tall glass of milk can really hit the spot.

  6. Yes, I feel so honored to have been visited by the amazing mike.  I feel even more honored to have met Felicia.  What a good day at Cedarville that was.

  7. Yeah, boo Ohio. OH NO!!! walking hand in hand around Cedar-lake?!?!!? baaaaaaaaaddd Michael! That makes you a what?? A CEDAR COUPLE!?! oh no!!

    And that art picture was fairly off.. by a little. Oh well.. people will have a hay-day with that one.

    Creationfest was amazing! Thanks for getting me to go with you…though I am sure it didn’t take much asking on your part. Anyway, thanks for coming all the way out here and such….the driving hours are insane. *hugs*


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