now rated arrrrrr

Michael shall be absent from his computer until around July 6th. 
What can draw him away from his beloved girlfriend, Rebekah, his

Well, a little bit of this…

(The one on the left kills baby cows for fun and profit.  Mostly fun.)

And a rather large amount of this…(this isn’t a fat joke)

That girl is…well.  I suppose the short version is,  I might have to break up with my computer.

I’ll be at her house for four days undergoing fatherly interrogation
before me and his daughter head out to creation with the
Knipples.  I’d post a picture of some Knipples but I don’t think
I’m allowed to do that.

If you live in the Cincy area and want to see what I look like when I’m
wickedly fallen for a beautiful girl named Felicia, you can call my cell phone.

In other news, the job at Apple is COMPLETELY gotten now.  They
have my named signed in blood, and I’ll start work when I get back.

Somebody set up us the bomb.




  1. Felicia, can I just say I’m impressed?  I never thought I’d see Fluffy so head over heals.  You must be an incredible girl. 🙂  (I figure you must read his xanga, and I don’t know YOUR xanga- hence why I left the message here.)
      – a random CU girl

  2. Anonymous

    What r u doin n the Cincy area??  I’m hopin u mean sum other Cincy area b/c we don’t take kindly 2 ur kind.  (I’m totally j/k.)  It’s been a while (ok, it’s been over a yr), but I still thot I’d say hi!!  “Hi!!”


  3. Way to go Jew! Have fun with the Knipples

    Just don’t let her dad persecute you because of your ancestry

  4. hahahaha. the knipple jokes never get old. well, maybe to him.

  5. You sill Jew. =)

    Thank you AJ (aka greeksister)…I think I might have met you at cedarville.. but I could be wrong.. I don’t have an incredible memory. I’m Laura Lustig’s younger sister. haha.. guess that’s the best way to describe myself.  I’m not that incredible.. Michael’s just crazy. haha.

    Michael.. you’re a nut…and my dad already likes you (we had a talk today, and since I like you.. he’s coming around to it *wink*).

  6. I think I meant silly…haha

  7. I am NOT a terrible driver!!! You big stink!

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