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What then, shall we ask of the men?

Is it not true that, difficult as it may be to ask a girl to accompany
you on a pleasant expedition to some inconsequential destination, the
difficulty is multiplied hundredfold upon having to make the same
request of the father on her behalf?

And what then, of the women shall we ask?

Um….wasn’t I cute when I was little?  This is my favorite picture.

Maybe if you ask nice, I’ll show you pictures of me and the moil!




  1. Anonymous

    “And if the devil doesn’t like it he can sit on a tack, OUCH!”

    I love visuals to go with childhood songs…… a devil on a tack.  yes.

  2. You were adorable. and yeah, will be diffacult with my father, but hey! you have me and Laura on your side! *grin*

    You did good. 2 out of 10 pts…close to winning the game.

  3. absolutely adorable. 

  4. Anonymous

    Monkey…that is the naked face……the world now sees where it began…….you have had it all along

  5. Anonymous

    Adorable, Michael. Adorable.

    I was at Rockaway the other day and walked by the Apple store. That’s not the one where you’re working is it? Because if it is. I will visit thee :o) If it’s not, then I likely won’t.

  6. Anonymous

    Firstly, I actually recognized you in that picture by your facial expression rather than the description–its one of your more frequently faces
    Secondly, I was a much cuter baby…keep shooting for the stars though, kid

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