now rated arrrrrr

I’ve just been an updating FIEND lately, eh???

I’m pretty excited, I’m published!!!

Mine is the “An switch ad spoof for Apple’s move to Intel”.

They botched the grammar.  Arrgggh.  But MacBytes is a well
known Mac news thing, so I’m excited that it’s out there for the world
to see.  Here’s a direct link,
oh dear friends.  Be warned, it’s a bit tech-heavy, and you have
to be a geek to understand some of it, and be up on the latest
Intel/Apple news to follow the rest.  Either way, I am well

In other news, so, um, I met this girl…




  1. Anonymous

    You’re getting married aren’t you?  Aren’t you?  Huh?  Huh?

  2. you met a girl?? whoooaaah…detailsdetails!

    hooking up is turning into a trend for the summer…bizarre…or bizzare…bizzarre? i don’t know how to spell it…

  3. Anonymous

    Who cares about a girl! The movie is awesome, I’m so proud.

  4. A girl? you met a girl??? WHO?!?! How dare you….oh yeah, you did tell me didn’t you? *wink*

  5. so?  there are tons of girls in the world… even more than there are guys… so it wouldn’t be unusual for you to meet one.

  6. hey if she has a sister, would you mind mentioning my name?

  7. Anonymous

    MICHAEL!!!!!! I miss you buddy…i hope you’re summer’s going well and sweet action on the publishness!! Peace bro

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