now rated arrrrrr

Here are some songs written by various Palmer boys.

This is rap composed by B. S. H. Himsel.

ghetto cruisers
…BEEP… nite
ghetto cruisers
to funk dawgs house
ghetto cruisers
what what
ghetto crusiers
welcome to my hood

they get my homies every time, cap my homies every time, i’m about to bust a cap.

This is a generic emo song, artistically constructed by M. (K.) D. Hand.

broke up with my girlfriend
in the middle of the nite
broke up with my girlfriend
i still have stuff at her house
broke up with my girlfriend
:: some indecipherable screaming ::
welcome to my misery
i hate my ex-girlfriend.

Both are excellent examples of the genre.

Please feel free to submit your own work in the comments.  I’m
creating a compilation.  The work must explicitly display common
themes in the genre.  Creativity and innovation are frowned
upon.  Submissions by those in the 30 and over category will be
published on a separate album.




  1. Anonymous

    Hey Mike. I just found your xanga. Anyhow, I hope you’re havin’ a terrific summer thus far! Take care!

  2. Anonymous

    WOAH.  You almost got me in trouble.  Well, not you.  You’re song.

    Clarification statement:  My parents don’t approve of almost all music.

    My volume was turned all the way up.  Stupid me.  …..   It was loud.

  3. That’s my man.

  4. hey what did you guys do to kerry… or however you spell his non-real name… i could just call him the meat man or butcher… but that is kinda weird…
    i can’t believe i am in florida and checking out xanga sites…

  5. LOL…I love it

    Hey, did you ever get that job at the apple store?

  6. okay. here it goes. in the style of opera….

    Meritados meritados LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


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