now rated arrrrrr

Just a few brief, important updates.

– The Apple store called. Second interview Tuesday.  Should be great.

– I didn’t get to bed last night.  I think I got some bad
hamburger meat at the diner.  I was in the bathroom all
night.  I don’t really want to talk about it.

– I wanted a little excitement tonight, so I decide to mix it up a
little.  Instead of brushing, flossing, then mouthwashing,  I
mouthwashed, flossed, then brushed.  It was everything I dreamed
it would be.

– Something to think about, in a metaphysical way:




  1. What the heck is that thing??

  2. It appears to be a high-quality RadioSchack something or other…but you’d have to ask Ryan about that.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s a phone charge thing.  Minus the phone.  Right?

    Well, I only had time for ONE comment at ONE xanga.  And I picked yours.  Are you happy?  Are you satisfied?  Sheesh. 

  4. Apple is switching to Intel.
    Get ready for x86 compatible Tiger.

  5. Lol. I can see it now. Before it was a bit obscure.

  6. i still don’t get it.

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