now rated arrrrrr

Fear not dear reader.  Listening to The Everglow because thats the
popular thing to do.  But generally  I’m just too lazy to
update during the summer.

Completely untrue.  The summer has a different effect on me; I’m
more motivated, feel more responsible, and want to take care of my life
much more than when I’m at school.  I suspect when I’m at school,
it’s the feeling of being watched and like I have a babysitter that
demotivates me and really makes me feel childish and want to do silly
things like xanganize.

Heh, you can disable comments on posts.  Thats pretty cool.  But I
won’t because my value in this world is directly proportional to the
number of epropsâ„¢ which I receive.

It’s been ten minutes since I wrote that last paragraph, and I’ve
finally realized what pictures I lost when my hard drive crashed. 
All the pictures I took at camp at the end of last summer, poof. 
That makes me sad; this post was going to be a tribute to two girls who
helped me a lot last summer, but since I don’t have the pictures handy
I’ll have to think of something else.

The job update:  I had my interview at the Apple store, and it
went absolutely brilliantly.  Sadly, I have to have another
interview, sometime this week I hope, but they haven’t got back to me
yet.  I feel extremely confident about it, and so now I’m just
doing the maintenance at camp for a little extra cash till I get my
“real” job.

I don’t know if everyone who reads this has seen my sweet action vehicle.  Her she is.  She doesn’t have a name.

Furthermore, I’m really excited, that in a few days, this too shall be mine:

Thoughtful about a whole lot of things, but you’ll have to ask me about them in person. Or online.




    i love it
    but you already knew that
    glad stuff with apple is good
    i’ve been praying for ya…
    and just because of that eprop comment… you’re not getting any from me 😉
    YES… i went out of my way to check the 0 eprop bubble
    leaving for florida on june 1st 🙂 yippee
    i should call you…

  2. miss ya mike. and I want ddr. Is it for playstation?

    Name her Helga. (the car) Good luck on the second interview, though I suspect you won’t need it. ^_~


  3. Anonymous

    Hey, I had a dream that I came to your site and yelled at you about not updating.  And I just remembered that I had it now.  Guess I don’t need to yell at you.  *phew*

  4. I really haven’t been on as much now that Bek is in town. But, did I ever give you hiddenin1972 ? There, now you have it. ^_^ Talk to me anytime, Jewish boy.


  5. and i’m glad YOU don’t have short hair anymore.  nice wheels.

  6. Anonymous

    woah laura gave out her hidden1972 AIM…. that is an honor, jew.  an honor. 

    so… why am I commenting again?  Because God spoke to me last night and said your car should be called “Dennis.”

  7. i admire you for always having a picture or pictures with your post. that, my friend, is something to tip your hat to.

    oh, and my youth group had a mini sadir (spelling?). it was cool. i took a big old bite of horseradish. i barely got it down. tasty.

  8. Seder. I went to one at my friend’s church and it was really cool. Long though. I wasn’t too happy when I found out I had to eat horseradish and leaves. heh. I wasn’t allowed to drink the wine so I was dissapointed. Oh well… since I’m marrying you and all, I better get used to them right? *wink*

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