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i woke up at 5am today.

it has been quite some time since i’ve seen 5am.  i honestly can’t put my finger on the last time.  there’s a better chance that it was a late-night-bar-hopping-home-at-5:30am event rather than waking up to the sun.

it’s not my fault. i brought my brother in law to the airport.

its abstractly fascinating to feel awake, and see the clock ticking off numbers that i don’t recall seeing while being functional.

i’m eating well; lots of fruits and vegetables, minimal (but still there!) meat, very few sugary drinks or processed garbage.  that means day to do, i feel great, and even when i wake up this early, i still feel good and ready to go.

my brain is near its peak, if not at it.  work drags sometimes; but that’s work.  im quite comfortable with, just myself right now.  i’m 100% able to go for a walk, bike ride, fishing, all by my lonesome, and be happy and content.  some may say, so what? thats lame, i CELEBRATE alone time, its not hard!  for a massive extrovert such as myself, being able to be quiet, alone, and peaceful without your brain running in thousand different directions wanting to see a thousand different people is a significant feat.

im content and peaceful with life; i have a path before me that i choose to take. i have been blessed by god, and i know i could reject the path, find another, and that wouldn’t work out poorly. but i choose to accept the blessings i receive right now, bask in them, and be peaceful, thankful, joyful, and full of love.

life is heading in wonderful directions.  i do have a few selfish thoughts of what *i* want to happen.  i’m interested in seeing how i handle it when the direction of my life shifts AWAY from what i want.  i love basking like this, and i fervently hope it prepares me for the next storm, whatever form that may take.




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