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I’ve come to the end of the rope.  This will be my last semester
here; then I’ll be gone.  Are chaplains allowed to leave after
their term is served?  I’m just sick of Cedarville, can’t really
take it anymore.  Most of you know I have never really ‘liked’
Cedarville..and I definetly still don’t.  I am NOT attempting to
make any sort of judgement call on Cedarville itself, nor its
rules.  I’m not saying their wrong, or bad.  They’re just not
ME, at all. Does that make sense?  I’m a terrible dancer, but hey,
it’s a brilliant stress relief.  Oftentimes I feel pulled to go to
places we’re “not allowed” to go, in order to touch people’s
lives.  I ain’t a bad kid.  My parents back home, as opposed
to my parents other places, I suppose, don’t give me any rules. 
They say that I’ve earned their trust, and that even involves them
trusting me to be the man they have trained me to be in situations they
KNOW will not good; they let me do those things.  Rules are fine
and good, at times.  The tendency in the Bible seems to show,
however, that spiritual discernment, not rules, are the  mark of
maturity.  I’ve been raised by amazing, godly parents, and they’ve
trained me to seek God above all else.  I don’t want Cedarville to
throw in a lot of extraneous laws of man that will harm my thinking
about God.  Therefore, I must leave.  There’s plenty of other
little things too…Cedarville is just so NOT me, the theology is
different, the denomination, I don’t buy it…etc. etc.  But
sometimes, there comes a time to follow God’s leading elsewhere, and I
beleive He’s showing me that Cedarville is NOT me, and calling me
elsewhere.  This is not just an angry “I hate you all I’m leaving”
sort of thing.

But, I love you all, and I will miss you dearly.  And this xanga will stick around, eh?  Sweet.

And to keep things lighthearted, here’s a picture of someone I went to high school with.  Actually, just their foot.

It’s 2:31am.  However, in other time zones, it is other
times.  I found out something interesting.  My drug of choice:

You scored as Mushrooms.
Shrooms! You’re still goin for one of the most natural drugs. You’d
like to visit a whole other world, and see things you’ve never seen
before. #&#*in trippy.















Smurf yeah…I’d say that was
accurate.  But not talking about just my general appearance,
talking about the drug.  Since I’ll probably be baptist before
long, I most
likely never will never try such things.  But its something I’d
really like to do, just
because.  I score really highly on those “Would ya do it for the
experience” or “Would you do it just to do it?” or “Are you an idiot
and can’t even pretend you were trying to impress people, you just
thought it’d be interesting to do if no one found out and if you died
no one would know why?”  sort of things. The careful observer will
see apparently that I would not (and this quiz does not lie!) drink or
sniff, I’d rather not do drugs at all!  Oh well.

And to finish this post, here is a CedarSara(h)™ Edition of Girls who
Are Not Dating Me, albeit only a small portion of Sara(h)s here.

    Sarah Gilbert      Sarah Petersen    Sarah

And, so as to not discriminate against the Sara-without-H’s,

    Sara Hayes

I don’t actually know nor recognize any of these Sara(h)’s, and make no
claim to actually have written this post myself, thereby releasing
myself from liability should any of these Sara(h)’s, real or imagined,
stumble upon their own pictures and throw rocks at me.

So, I’ve decided to explain a few things about myself, to those who
were wondering.  Answers to questions, really, rhetorical and self
explanatory, big, small, and olive colored.  For the ease of the
visual learner and those who are simply dumb, the answers are just pictures.

Question #1:
Hey Mike I haven’t seen you for awhile.  Where have you been?

Answer #1:

Question #2:
Jew, I was wondering…you’re really sexy and good looking.  Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

Answer #2:

Question #3:
No, seriously.  If you could just do anything all day without having to worry about anything else, what would it be?

Answer #3: No, seriously, I do this anyway.

Question #6: What’s your favorite band?

Answer #6:

And for those of you who didn’t understand my last post, something for the masses to enjoy:


I highly doubt this means anything to anyone.
But if you understand it…celebrate with me!

That is all.

I believe it was Strong Bad who wisely put it this way…

The System is Down

and he was referring to my hard drive that went boom.

Update pending arrival of shiny new drives.

Honored guests and esteemed diplomats-

It was a special day for Palmer HO!all as we went to Dr. William Brown’s (aka b^2) house Sunday evening. For the visual learner:

We sat there, and stuff.  That’s really it.  I did find out the source of their secret power.

There you have it.  The secret of the Brown family power. 
Calcium, Centrum, napkin holders, and I point out with great
enthusiasm, shrooms.

Dear Beautiful-

Thank you for visiting my xanga site again.  I have filled it full of fun photos of fish and frying feet.

The day started off gloriously, with birds chirping somewhere in Amazon
forests as we prepared for the Battle of the Balls, also known as
DODGEBALL in some asian countries.  Speaking of asian countries,
here is roomate, who will probably date me someday.  I mean
marry.  Be careful
though, she has the pinkeye.

Back to what is called dodgeball in some asian countries,  the
suitcoatmaPHa did a fine showing of ball skills.  We were two
wins, two losses, and one pretend loss that we turned into a win. 
Our two weapons were fear, intimidation, good looks, and clever use of
Kerry’s wolverine styled sideburns.  All of the above are modelled
in an artistits rendering of the below, besides intimidation.

For a grand finale, here is a picture of me not dating anyone.

I’ve decided to completely redo my xanga in a style more fitting for a
suave intellectual attractive male.  In light of such, I’ve done
some quick research and compiled some incredible results.  I’ve
formed them into a few reference charts; I’m sure you’ll have no
trouble at all following them, oh intelligent reader.

As you can see, the total population of the world is quite high, nearly
six and a half billion.  That is narrowed down to less than half,
3,083,000,000, which is the total population of women in the
world.  Now, in an attempt to remain relevant to my point, I’m
going to further narrow it down, to women between the ages of 15 and
49, which I believe is more than generous for this exercise.  The
number becomes a meager 1,594,000,000.  This next chart refers
only to that last insignificant number, and reveals a stunning

I know it’s hard to believe; but believe it.

Just for reference, here are a few people, comprising about
.000000000623% of the worlds total population, who are not dating me,
contrary to some rumormongering.

Natalie Portman      Marilyn Monroe  
    Lacey Chabert    Tom Cruise

comings soon


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